DNC Day 3: An Interview with Ken Serrano

kenserrano.jpgAn interview With Ken Serrano

Tonight at the DNC I found myself sitting next to a handsome young man from Madrid, Spain. Ken just finished his freshman year at the University of Tampa. He has an internship this summer with Congressman Joe Garcia from Miami
We began to talk and one of Ken’s first observations was that American youth seems uninvolved in government. He wondered why they were so disconnected or disinterested.

Ken wants to help make sure that Donald Trump is not elected. He explained that he feels this election holds worldwide importance. He says that in Spain, Trump is not admired as a world leader. He asked me why I thought Donald Trump wanted to be president. My response was that Trump has always been self-serving and self-motivated. He nodded.

He stated that he lives in a democracy in Spain. He was raised in a family that believes in equal rights for all races and religions and people. He does not believe Donald Trump shares in those values. This is a concern for Ken.

I asked how he felt about women as leaders. He said women bring more sensitivity to the office. He spoke Michelle Obama’s speech on Monday night and how she is so likable because of her sensitivity. Ken said “The U,S. is becoming more accepting. First Barack Obama now Hillary Clinton. What’s next? It doesn’t matter if the president is a man or a woman as long as they work hard and are deserving of the people's trust and respect.

He spoke of the United States and the way other nations look to us as leaders and policy makers. He said he thought Hillary Clinton would be a great leader not only for the US but for all free nations. Her example would encourage other nations to follow in our footsteps.