DNC Elections: Chairman Kaine's slate

I'm not sure if everyone is aware, but next week is the Democratic National Committee's Fall Meeting, held Sept 10-12 in Austin, Texas (open to the public, as always). This meeting is the first "big" meeting of the DNC since the 2008 election. The main business will be the election of 75 At-Large members, as well as the election of members to the various standing committees, e.g. Budget, Credentials, Resolutions, and Rules & By-Law. The various caucuses and other groups will meet to elect their leaders. For instance, there are regional caucuses, e.g. Southern, and other councils, like the Youth Council (for those up to age 35) and the Veterans and Military Families Council. The caucuses will elect officers, to include members who will sit on the DNC Executive Committee.

I'm still learning all these positions/elections myself, but I wanted to share the North Carolinians that have been put forth by DNC Chair Tim Kaine, in his slate, for the DNC as a whole to ratify as the newest DNC members/officers/committee members.

For the 75 At-Large positions, we have one member nominated for re-election and the addition of another North Carolinian for election:

For re-election: Joyce Brayboy (DC). Ms. Brayboy is a Senior Vice President of the Glover Park Group specializing in government relations and strategic communications. Prior to joining the Glover Park Group, Ms. Brayboy served as Chief of Staff and Chief Legislative and Political Advisor to Cong. Melvin Watt. She graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in public policy studies in 2001 and received an M.B.A. from Johns Hopkins in 2003. Ms. Brayboy was originally nominated to serve as an At-Large member by Chairman Howard Dean in 2007.

For election: Ed Turlington (NC) Mr. Turlington is a veteran of many campaigns. He most recently served as an adviser to Senator John Edwards and former Senator Bill Bradley’s residential campaigns. Prior to joining Senator Bradley’s campaign, Mr, Turlington served as Campaign Manager for North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt's successful reelection campaign in 1996 and as Governor Hunt's Chief of Staff from 1993 to 1996. Mr. Turlington also served as Chief of Staff to Lt. Governor Bob Jordan from 1987 to 1989, Special Assistant/Counsel to U.S. Senator Terry Sanford from 1986-87 and Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party from 1985 to 1986.

For the Standing Committees (and I apologize for not knowing if these are for re-election or election, though I suspect re-election for the former and election for the latter):

DNC Credentials Committee: Everett Ward (co-chair)
DNC Resolutions Committee: Ed Turlington

I admit to trying out for one of the standing committees, but as a mere freshman member, I suppose I'm not "cool" enough yet to be nominated (probably the glasses...). But I am excited about what the Youth Council has in store (looking forward to meeting with these folks whom I've met either via conference calls or e-mails). I certainly would point you toward the DNC Youth Council's Facebook and Twitter pages so you can follow what's going on with the young pups who are, as usual, one of the most active caucuses! I'm also looking forward to joining our regional caucus, the Southern Caucus, to see what we can do to ensure that we continue to break the "red states" stereotype (North Carolina, Virginia, and...I suppose it's Southern!...Florida have to continue to maintain our blueness in the red wilderness!).

I hope to post updates and pics every night of the Fall Meeting, but no promises (might be some late night Austin fun to be had!). In any case, I will certainly provide an update about what went on.

Thanks, and it's a continuing pleasure to be one of North Carolina's members to the Democratic National Committee. After this meeting, I hope to be better able to understand the organization and serve to promote the needs of our state!




I always appreciate your insights about working inside the system.

Phillip, you're a long-time participant here at BlueNC, and you seem to have a good sense of what's happening inside the party at may levels. Do you share my observation that the NCDP has largely absented itself from engaging in the blogosphere?

I noticed that shift most clearly when Jerimee left the organization, but I could also make the case that Jerry's departure was the trigger. Or maybe it's just my imagination.

Care to weigh in? If others have thoughts, I love to hear them, too.


James, I think you're right (not that part about me knowing much, but the other stuff!).

I think that the NCDP, in some ways, had a "re-building year" in the Winter/Spring with hiring almost a completely new staff (which they are still doing for some positions) after the 2008 elections. I'll definitely bring this up the chain...but on the good side, the NCDP has a much more full staff working now than I saw in previous years, and I think they would be glad to hear feedback. I would also suggest you speak with your District Party officers. Since they'll be receiving a more direct and significant portion of the tax check-off money next year, which has usually stayed within the NCDP, the District Party organizations will have more capabilities and responsibilities. So I look forward to what they will be doing in 2010 and beyond.

As far as Jerimee, I think he did a great job of straddling his Party position and personal blogging personality to bring his experience of communicating to the blogging world. So there may have been a loss in NCDP's blogging outreach when he left. But, like I said, I think that's a fair issue to bring up, and I'll pass it along.

...and you can always invite some party leaders (whether state, district or county) to do a live-blog! That'll get them to think about it, too! :) And maybe suggestions for any modifications that the NCDP can do to its website??

Is there a unemployed and broke committee?

I'm serious, people have a different view of the world when their jobless and broke.

Working people make decisions based on their reality and for millions of Americans they are now living in an altered reality.

I'm a member of that committee, don't worry...

As a newly minted attorney with no job and little in the bank account, I'm actually looking to see if I can transfer to the "employed but with back-breaking debt and loan payments" committee.

Call me what you want, good English is important

OrganicGeorge, people that want to secure a new job and make an initial impression should make sure they use correct English.

Take your post, for example. In your subject, it should read: "Is there an (rather than a) unemployed and broke committee?". Then, in the text of your message here, it should read: ...."view of the world when they're (vs. their) jobless and broke".

Now, I'm not trying to be the punctuation police here or anything, but this is important and people that want to get a good job must be well versed in English. It is important.

You discovered my learning disability

can't spell for shit and grammar eludes me.
So you point is well taken.

I had my own business for 20 years, so I had a good job until my health problems wiped me out financially.

Before I started my organic food company; I was a bond and financial futures trader and was one of the first people to trade financial derivatives in the early 80's.

Sat on the board of directors of two trade associations; worked on the Hill for Senator Lawton Chiles in the 70's.

So grammar and spelling are an obstacle I have to deal with, but it's the value of my ideas that have allowed me to succeed.

I'm married to a novelist who loves me for my mind, not my spelling; lucky me.

Oh yea never play scrabble with my wife,(I never play for obvious reasons) she's takes no prisoners.

I'm impressed !

Wow ! All that just because I pointed out some grammar errors in your post that was actually done to make a point.

I stand greatly impressed !

I'm still unemployed

and unemployable due to my medical bankruptcy every HR department culls my CV immediately.

Channeling the irrational right

Ah quit your complainin'. You know the magic hand of the free market can do no wrong. If you are unemployed it's because god wants it that way and the fact that you have a medical bankruptcy is tough organic tomatoes. Stop your belly-achin' and get a job.

Sorry I got caught up in reality

and forgot to live in the dream world.

OK now with Saint Ronnie of CA as my guide, I now realize it's morning in America.


I always thought it was "mourning" in America.

Good to see you out and about today, Mr. George.

We have to get beyond blaming Bush

Bush was probably the worst president we have ever had in America. He has let our country drift into a debt-ridden America that now has a huge challenge regaining our position economically both abroad and domestically. But, Obama ran for president on changing that direction. In doing so, he was able to garner a great deal of support from voters that saw the direction Bush took us and enlisted their votes. Our country must now put the Bush years behind us and must call on Obama and his administration to right the wrongs as he has promised. More debt and additional expenditures and continued graft and corruption at our highest levels doesn't do that. We are a better country than that. Bush lost the confidence of our electorate. Hopefully Obama isn't making that same mistake.

Glenn Beck Tea Baggers fighting among themselves with Paul Fans

Glenn Beck Beating Ron Paul?

Writes Pat Mason:

Don’t worry about this. Remember, the people who are gulping up Beck’s book also watch his show. These are the same dolts that voted for 8 years of Bush/Cheney and happily gave them a pass on their blatant un-Americanism. These are the same people who labeled Ron a “kook” and “spooky” when he would quote Jefferson. These are the people who run around with their car radios tuned to Beck and Limbaugh, who set their timers to watch ‘O’Reilly’ and ‘Hannity,’ who thought McCain, Giuliani, Huckabee, and Romney were just peachy. In other words, consider the source. These are people who will NEVER learn. They will continue to support and vote for what their MSM tell them. They only read Beck because they already know what he’s going to say. We do not need these cows.