Does Roy Cooper stand with criminal banksters or the people?

Roy Cooper, please tell the Obama administration you will not sign on to the mortgage whitewash.

Folks, if you still have doubt about whether the Obama administration gives a damn about Main Street vs. Wall Street:

Team Obama bears all the hallmarks of being so close to banks and big corporations that it has lost all contact with and understanding of mainstream America.

The latest example is its heavy-handed campaign to convert New York state attorney general Eric Schneiderman to a card carrying member of the “be nice to our lords and masters the banksters” club. Schneiderman was the first to take issue with the sham of the so-called 50 state attorney general mortgage settlement. As far as the Administration is concerned, its goal is to give banks a talking point and prove to them that Team Obama is protecting their backs in a way that the chump public hopefully won’t notice.

Why does the bolded sentence not begin with "Roy Cooper" of NC instead of the New York state AG?

The article mentions other state attorneys general trying to block the coverup.

Beau Biden of Delaware is also making a broad-ranging investigation, which is inconsistent with entering into a settlement. Martha Coakley of Massachusetts and Catherine Masto of Nevada also have initiatives underway that are at odds with a settlement, and neither one looks interested in reversing course. We’ve also been told the Colorado AG may opt out of the deal.

Roy Cooper, add your name to list of attorneys general opposing the mortage whitewash.

Stand with the states against the criminal banksters and their corrupt accomplicies in the Obama administration.


Another "Obama is like Bush moments"...

When it comes to seeking justice in Wall St or banking, he's looking elsewhere. Can anybody name any cases where his useless Att'y Gen'l Holder has completed any investigation or prosecuted anybody? They could shut down his office(AG) and save us some money. Since T. Roosevelt showed how it's done, the NY Att'y Gen'l office has been a good place to get recognition as a watchdog on the Wall St racketeers. If he signs onto Obama's deal, he would be giving another free pass to our biggest crooks, who make the Mafia seem like small time thieves.

Obama needs campaign money

Just like all politicians, Obama isn't going to bite the hand that feeds it.

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Called Attorney General

I have called the AG office twice on this subject. They always push me off to Consumer Affairs, who tell me that they cannot discuss ongoing cases, without of course telling me that they are supposedly in the 50 state AG settlement talks. Holder and Obama are continuing the degredation of the rule of law started in the Clinton administration and put on steroids under Bush II.

I am writing a letter to Cooper with copy to Bev, for whatever purpose that may serve. Maybe, just maybe I will get a response which is other than to tell me to go back to my corner and quit bothering the adults.

A pox on the entire financial sector. Should make them utilities and regulate hell out of them-develop a corps of regulators who are contractually bound never to work in the financial industry but are well paid. Or, hire Spitzer -- you see what his actions got him.



Update: NY AG kicked off settlement team

The criminal banksters are trying to get rid of some of the few people looking out for regular people in the financial meltdown.

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and NC Commissioner of Banks Joseph Smith need to get NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman back on the AG's Executive Committee for the settlement.

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