Don't get mad. Get even.



Talk about a curve ball

I had to take a short break from Facebook to escape the barrage of posts about Anthony Kennedy retiring, and all the threatening comments about how Senate Democrats need to respond. Like, block any nominee until there's a new President. Which we won't have until January 2021.

I need a vacation. My sister's family is going to the beach for a 4-day weekend, and I get to feed the dog. I mean, I love the dog and all that, but me and that dog should be running through the surf (in slow motion, maybe), while everybody else stays here.

I actually feel better after thinking about that...

I can hold down the fort

Or maybe the community will jump in to help! Take a vacation, man. You more than deserve it after slogging through all the Republican shit around us.

Put some bumper stickers on your car before you go. Stand up and be counted ... even if you're driving.

: )

Don’t get even

Don’t get even, get ahead!

Don't just get ahead

Crush the traitorous sons of bitches into oblivion.