Doubts about Dole

The way I see Liddy Dole is simple: She's a three time loser. First she drove the American Red Cross into the ground. Then she displayed extraordinary fundraising incompetence as Queen of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. And now, working with the Decider, she has gotten the US mired in never-ending debt, never-ending war, and a full-fledged economic meltdown.

What could be worse? Well, today we that find she's an unapologetic hypocrite.

While Dole has called for third parties to stay out of the U.S. Senate race, she has sat idly by while the National Republican Senatorial Committee – a third party Dole once chaired – has released a negative attack ad against Hagan.

“Elizabeth Dole has zero credibility on this issue,” said North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Meek. “She herself was the chair of the third party NRSC two years ago, where she personally bankrolled and defended despicable advertisements against Democrats.”

“She refused to call on her own state party to take down their divisive and disgraceful ad during the primary this year,” Meek said. “And now, she is the one who is calling for third parties to stay out of the campaign in one breath, while allowing the NRSC to pay for negative attack ads against her opponent in the next. Her hypocrisy and desperation clearly know no end.”

I don't know about desperation. It's just business as usual for Liddy Dole. It's a good thing she has two faces so she doesn't have to talk out of both sides of her mouth.


With 2 faces,

You'd think she'd show 1 of them in NC once in a while.