Dr. Ben Chavis Will Save the NCPD, Simple As That.

If certain people keep creating controversy then there will be controversy.

Many of us are tired of worrying about what the big, bad GOP is gonna do--they have done it already by destroying our state.

So let's stop worrying about them and make them worry about us.

Getting someone of Dr.Chavis' stature would do just that by starting a Million Person March to the polls this fall!

All the chatter about Ben Chavis is coming, not from the GOP, but from a certain portion of the NCDP that is frozen with fear, fear of letting the diverse members of the Democratic Party have a voice, fear of letting go of the money to be made from managing campaigns. These are the people who lost the elections beginning in 2010, and it is time they stopped chosing the leaders of the NCDP, forever.

They have lost sight of the goal, winning elections for Democrats, regaining the General Assembly and the Governor's Mansion. Winning Elections!

The way to win elections is simple: 1) win the battle of ideas (hearts and minds), by sending the message of the Democratic Party far and wide. And 2) get voters to the polls who will vote for Democrats.

Only 46.9% of low income people voted in the last election, while 80% of the wealthy voters did. If the Democratic Party can register and inspire those people who tend to vote for Democrats to vote, we can win. We can win in spite of the district lines drawn by the GOP by increasing the number of people inside those lines who vote for Democratic candidates.

Dr. Ben Chavis has spent years inspiring young people to register and vote. He was a leader of the Million Man March, and is the best man to do this.


Chavis Baggage we do not need

EJ, we get it. You support Voller and pretty much anything he chooses to do but you are missing the big picture here. Chavis may be a wonderful person and has done a great many good things but his track record (*at least twice that we know of) of sexual harassment settlements should disqualify him from serving as the NCDP's executive director.

Women voters are by far the largest voter segment the Democratic Party relies on to elect democrats. Do you honestly believe this choice for ED will fly without blowback? If you do, you are blinded by your loyalty to Voller.

What Part of "Not Guilty" Do You Not Understand?

Not. Guilty. No court, civil or criminal, found any wrong-doing.

For some reason, you and the other Messick clones think if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes the truth. Here's a clue: it doesn't. It remains a lie.

Here is another clue: it has been noticed that the same group of consultant wannabies are the ones who keep repeating the lie. This group also never wants to acknowledge that they keep losing elections, maybe because they don't know how to win them.

I'll write it again, slowly this time:

The way to win elections is simple: 1) win the battle of ideas (hearts and minds), by sending the message of the Democratic Party far and wide. And 2) get voters to the polls who will vote for Democrats.

I will add this, stop rehashing old accusations that were debunked and thrown out of court 15 years ago and we have no "controversy" on our hands to worry about. It is you and your fellows who are creating it.

This needs to stop

This whole Chavis thing has been hashed out here on this site and rehashed out. Was he guilty? Was he found not guilty? Did he and the NAACP pay out money to keep someone quiet? Would he be a good ED for the NCDP? All of it sounds more like what would be on an NCGOP site somewhere? And, if Chavis were to become the ED, that's exactly what would happen and all of these things we here have been chewing on each other about would be front and center on just so many venues right up until election day in November.

Is that what we really want? Even if Dr. Chavis would be the greatest thing for the NCDP since Jim Hunt, are we ready for the constant onslaught from the republicans? The distraction of that alone would hurt us. Nothing against Dr. Chavis, but it would be a dumb move. There is no other way to put it. I have made comments that this topic and the discussion here on it has been good and that this is a good place to do it. But, I am beginning to see the merits of the statement "enough is enough", to be honest.

Now, can we please go on to some other things here?