The DSCC is not even pretending anymore - Twitter

Wow, the DSCC isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. Look at this post their latest twitter posting: Less than 30 days until the #NCSen primary. Join @calfornc! #30330

Cal, don’t forget that North Carolinians are the ones who get to decide not DC. Poetry and the DSCC can only get you so far.


the DSCC and their campaign

The DSCC and their out of state staff don't give a fig about party unity or keeping a positive campaign in NC.

There is too much corporate money invested to make any considerations for abstract concepts like "democracy" or "integrity."

A lot of our new friends will be going back North after the primary.

I am an Elaine supporter now..but, just a question

The biggest negative for some of the people in our own party puts on Cal Cunningham is that the national party is supporting him and is giving him support both in the way of money and in email mail-outs and so forth.

I do wonder if those that have a problem with this were to have seen Elaine Marshall with this support from the the national party, would they be so livid?

It is an interesting question, you must admit.


No doubt that Ken or Elaine would have accepted the endorsement of the DSCC, and the ethical compromises inherent in accepting such. They would have been wrong for doing so.

Nonetheless, neither Ken nor Elaine premised the very existence of their campaigns upon permission gained from DC power brokers behind closed doors.

Only one candidate based his decision to run on external corporate sponsorship. I continue to hope that the voters aren't as easily bought and paid for.

The DSCC should not make this sort of endorsement to begin with. The blame for disuniting our party and promoting a race to the bottom lies with the DSCC, endorser of Blanche Lincoln and Joe Lieberman.

Yes, that is my belief as well

Your statement on this:

No doubt that Ken or Elaine would have accepted the endorsement of the DSCC

This was my point..nothing more.

I am supporting Elaine Marshall, but will support whoever comes out as the winner in this quest to rid our state of "No Show" Burr. I am thinking you are with me on that.