Dumb and Dumber: Cue Giuliani's firing in 3...2...1...



I don't know which one is dumber

It's a neck to neck race, but Trump edges him out since he's the one paying for this Russian Roulette-style defense posture. Jebus.

The defense here is ...

... "I did it. So what?"

Basically, Trump is using Giuliani to put all this out there so that FoxNews, Brietbart and the other cult followers can normalize it.

Think about it - we've reached a point where the right-wing media bubble is basically saying that conspiring with a foreign power to hack political opponents and swing election, paying off a porn star to hide an affair in the middle of a political campaign, and likely laundering money for Russian organized crime is acceptable.

While those of us living in a reality-based world see these actions as downright treason and criminal behavior that should get someone locked up for the rest of their lives, the right is saying its a "nothing burger".

Trump's support hovers around 40%. A good twenty percent of that are probably the "true believers" - the FoxNews junkies and evangelicals. Another twenty percent are those that don't really follow politics, but are going to express support for anything with an R next to its name, based on what they hear their friends say.

With the way that the GOP in particular states is willing to engage in voter suppression and play along with this just to stay in power, regardless of the implications, we have an uphill battle taking back control of the House and Senate and restoring the rule of law.

During Watergate, Nixon's poll numbers initially started at about the same point as Trump's are now. After over a year of Congressional hearings, arrests, and constant news stories, his support fell to about 20% by the time he resigned from office.

Back in the 70s, you couldn't escape the overall message that Nixon was a crook. While there were conservative news outlets, locally and regionally, that were almost as bad as FoxNews, there was nothing like what we have now.

Even if you weren't paying attention to politics in the 70s, you couldn't escape Watergate. Daytime soaps were interrupted for the hearings. It was a constant buzz on talk shows and fodder for comedians on tv and radio. Now, you can just switch the dial to the Food Network or "Pawn Stars" or look at the cute cat videos on your Facebook timeline.

The thing that drove Nixon's numbers down from 40% to 20% were those Republicans who weren't "true believers", but could be convinced that the guy they hitched their support to was a crook and a looser.

Today, it will be much tougher to get through to these voters and get them past the automatic reflex of supporting the Republican.