Durham newspaper cuts newsroom staff

The Herald-Sun cuts deep, shifts work to Kentucky:

According to sources at The Herald-Sun, seven jobs in the company’s newsroom were cut July 28, leaving fewer than 20 people in the editorial department. The Herald-Sun managers told employees that production duties—page design and copy editing—will be shuffled to the staff of the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer, also owned by The Herald-Sun’s parent company, Paxton Media Group.

I'm assuming this is bad. I don't know for sure, because their paywall has kept me from reading a lot of their stuff. I wonder if the two are related?


The paper

Sorry for my earlier comment. I feel bad for every newspaper these days. They're all busting their asses.

I missed it ;)

But I'm sure my sentiments are about the same.

They may find this hard to believe, but I'm rooting for them to succeed. Without investigative journalists and editorial folks, informing our readers would be a hundred times more difficult.