Early birds

When Larry Kissell conceded to Flipper Hayes last week, he also announced that he is running for Congress again in 2008.

In the Democratic race for Lieutenant Governor, we've already seen two candidates. One of them, is Pat Smathers who announced here at BlueNC. Another is Hampton Dellinger, who we haven't yet heard from. Both have officially announced.

In the governor's race, it's clearly coming down to Beverly Perdue and Richard Moore, though I don't think either has officially 'announced.'

The Democratic race for US Senate against Liddy Dole (I hope) is an open field with no one having announced anything yet.


So answer me this: Is it generally a good idea or a bad idea to announce early? I lean toward 'good' because I generally like transparency. As one of my mentors once said, "I only know how to play the game one way: with all my cards face up on the table."

I like knowing where people stand and what they're committed to. Which might be why I suck at politics.


I agree

I think it can only help to start campaigning right now - as long as folks don't get tired of hearing about you (the erstwhile candidate.) By starting now, a candidate has a chance to make sure his base knows his name, recognizes his face, and knows where he stands on the issues that come up in whichever district he's running in. He has a chance to make statements/comments/diaries on the new issues that develop over the 2 years between now and Nov. 2008. It might go against conventional wisdom, but I think it's smart, and I'm glad Larry did announce.

The only thing I don't like about early announcements is the way primaries are staggered in the US. By the time NC has our primary, we usually know who the nominee will be - and that might hurt turnout for other races. I guess that's not really announcements, but primaries, so never mind. :)

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LG candidate:

Dan Besse of Winston-Salem is also running for LG. He is a very strong progressive with a record of leadership, especially on environmental issues. He has a strong record of winning in districts that are otherwise much more conservative than he, and would be an excellent nominee and excellent LG in 08.

Thanks Jake.

I found his name mentioned Under the Dome:

Other Democrats considering the race include Canton Mayor Pat Smathers, state Sen. Walter Dalton of Rutherford and Winston-Salem City Councilman Dan Besse.

Has he announced officially?


I shortened your link (it was running off the page). But thanks for bringing this up.

It's clear from the article that we progressives in North Carolina need to do a better job connecting with one another. I have only passing familiarity with the Progressive Caucus mentioned in the article. I think some of their leaders have come by here from time to time, but it's been hit and miss.

It's hard to raise money if you haven't openly declared

Unless you have run for public office before or have a history of service, it is very hard to raise money - especially for small local offices.

If you let the word out early, but don't openly declare you can actually hurt yourself by sending a signal to the incumbent to build their war chest. That obviously isn't the case here since it is an open race.

I just called the board of elections to see if any type of registration/filing is required to start raising money for a run for statewide office. I know there is for presidential elections.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

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I am not sure about Moore, but Perdue announced a while ago. She has been declaring that she would be running after Easley's second term for a long time.


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Thank you SBOE

I just spoke with the nicest man at the State Board of Elections. He said that in North Carolina, you can't raise or spend money on a run for political office unless you set up a committee with the SBOE - county offices for local races. You actually have 10 days after first spending/raising money to get the committee set up. Most people set up their committee first. (Now, if this information is wrong it's because I wrote it down wrong. He gave me a lot of information and I was writing as fast as I could.)

All of the documents can be found on their web site. If you look up committee reports just put the last name of any person you think is running for an office and see if their reports come up. I found Perdue's filing in 2005 for her exploratory committee for Governor.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.