Ed Ridpath Door-to-Door Campaign Milestone: 10,000 Voters

Ed Ridpath, Democratic Candidate for the North Carolina House, reached a milestone this Labor Day weekend. Over 10,000 voters contacted so far in his 2008 door-to-door campaign. Committed to one-on-one voter contact, Ridpath, assisted by campaign volunteers, has been door knocking weekly since last October.

Ridpath stated: “Door-to-door campaigning is a little old-fashioned, but it is the best way to get to know my neighbors and the best way for them to get to know me. Over the last year, I have spent most weekends and many evenings listening to voters, right at their own doorstep. This level of direct voter contact is hard work, but very rewarding. The big benefit is that I will represent all of us in Southern Wake County much better when I get to Raleigh.”

In 2006, Ed Ridpath came within 4,000 votes of winning the same NC House seat. The Ed Ridpath campaign will continue to knock on voters’ doors until the election.


Great work, Ed

This is really impressive.

Great job Ed

Just got an invite to another of your events in the 'hood. Keep at it!

Congrats, Ed!

This deserves some front page celebrating.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

This is the way to do it, Ed

Keep on knockin'!