Ed Ridpath for Fuquay-Varina

OK, it's been a little while, but I could use the BlueNC community's help once again. Last week, I filed for the local Fuquay-Varina Town Board of Commissioners. Right now, this is the best way for me to serve the public and move progressive change forward locally.

Please check out our website: www.EdRidpath.com or find our campaign page on Facebook Ed Ridpath for Fuquay-Varina

Thank you for all your past and future support!

Ed Ridpath
Candidate - Fuquay-Varina Town Board of Commisioners


Glad to see this, Ed

Having lost more elections than I've won, I know what a big commitment it is to put your hat in any ring. But town government is where it all starts, so thanks for jumping into the fray. I'm happy to support you!