Ellmers' Constituents?

I found this interesting tidbit in The Dunn Daily Record. It seems that US Rep Renee Ellmers was back in her hometown (well she moved there from out of state a few years ago) for a meeting with her "constituents". Specifically there was a get together at the local Sagebrush restaurant with a group called, "Bibles, Badges, and Business for Immigration Reform". http://www.bbbimmigration.org/ This appears to be a nation organization and I'm not clear on exactly if or how many 2nd District members they have. Regardless, the organization is "meeting with federal representatives around the country to urge the support of common sense immigration policies". They sent out press releases informing the media about the event. But before the meeting began a TV crew from Raleigh, a reporter (Tom Woerner, 2nd District constituent) from The Daily Record, and Harnett County Democratic chairperson Teresa Oudeh (2nd District constituent) were all asked to leave. "Invited" guests State Representative David Lewis and State Senator Ronald Rabin participated in the discussions.

Before the meeting began, and it became an "exclusive" event the Dunn Daily Record reported these brief comments from Ellmers. "Immigration is a big issue in North Carolina and I am here to listen to the concerns of my constituents which is what I have always said I would do. The people deserve to hear my views on issues like this".



Apparently Ms. Ellmers doesn't understand the meaning of the word constituent. Rather than meaning everyone residing in the district she represents, in the Ellmersverse, constituents are only those people one could easily believe would actually vote for her.

Reprehensible doesn't begin to describe Renee Ellmers.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

"Reprehensible" might not...

...but perhaps "waste of protoplasm" is a start.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Ellmers' standard operating procedure

I will call tommorow to her office in Dunn, as I had planned already to "RSVP" to her staff to indicate I plan to attend a similar meeting in Cary next week.

I will try to find out the ground rules for such events. According to the person who created the event in Cary (a constituent), anyone who plans to attend has to contact the Ellmers' office in advance.

The meeting in Cary is scheduled for Sept. 5th at the Cary Library at 11:30 am. Bryan Fox is the Constituent Services Representative for the Congresswoman. Recently they've set up satellite offices around her large district.

[Fox] is usually at the Cary Library the first Thursday of the month from 10am-1pm and in Sanford (not sure of location) same times. You still need to call the Dunn, NC office to schedule time with him beforehand.

In you're in Wake County and a constituent, please consider attending with at least one issue of major concern for you. If you're unable to attend, PLEASE share this event with others!

-- from FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/events/541206582601536/

Martha Brock

Vague rules and schedules...

...could be poor organization (Ellmers's office certainly has that), or it could be a way to try to exclude people who aren't sycophants (Ellmers certainly knows about that).

But regarding the Dunn event, if they sent out press releases, that means they want press and they should expect the press to show up. If only someone from the press had decided that they needed to eat right then and there at the Sagebrush (sigh).

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Update on Renee Ellmers and Dunn Meeting

Group called, "Bibles, Badges, and Business for Immigration Reform" or the Ellmers Dunn office staff? Not sure to whom "they" refers in the original post.

Could have been a limited number received press release. Not excusing bad behavior, just trying to clarify before going forward with next steps with regard to Cary event. Wondering if NC open meetings law applies. Doubt it.

UPDATE: from newsletter to her 2nd District Constituents received minutes ago

On Thursday, I joined local officials and community and business leaders in Dunn for a roundtable discussion about immigration. This is a very important issue for the Second District and I look forward to continuing the conversation on immigration in future events across the district. You will find more information about the roundtable, and photos from across the district this week, in this newsletter.

I hope you will share this information with your friends by forwarding this email and on social media using the links in the right sidebar.

[Rep. Ellmers] released the following statement following the roundtable discussion:

"This afternoon I was encouraged to meet with local leaders to discuss our current immigration policies and meaningful reforms that will be more in line with the realities facing millions of undocumented people. I believe that we must begin this debate by listening and then having a discussion so that we can understand the issue from all sides.

I remain convinced that our first priority is to enforce the law and protect our borders so that we know who is entering our country. At the same time, we need to address the millions of people who are already in this country and formulate a process for them to earn legal work status. Immigration reform is essential to building a healthy, growing American economy, and I'm excited to continue this discussion as we begin debating the next steps in Washington."

Martha Brock

Meetings & press

I can't see any way open meetings law would apply.

If one sends a press release, one wants and expects press coverage.

You can bet that Renee wants to meet with "Bibles, Badges & Business" but not with "Martha, Moderates & Moral Monday folk". I hope you can join the meeting. I won't be surprised if they restrict it to people with the same deficiencies that Renee has.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Martha - The "they" I

Martha - The "they" I referred to in the OP was, according to the article, the BBB organization, not the Ellmer's staff. It should be noted that The Dunn Daily Record is probably the most conservative daily newspaper in the state. The reporter, Tom Woerner is very conservative politically. Perhaps they didn't want the "lamestream media" ie a Raleigh TV station covering the event and figured if they made them leave they would have to also require TDDR reporter to leave as well. I will say that TW while, very conservative, is also a man of integrity that doesn't let personal opinions interfere with objective journalism and fair play. Perhaps they feared that type of person?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

This is the Renee Ellmers...

...who's for FREEDOM!

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

I have never heard of

a Town Hall meeting or Constituents meeting with a member of Congress where one is required to "RSVP" in order to attend. Has anyone else?

Of course I am feeling frequently like I fell through the rabbit hole into an upside down world lately. NC DHHS leadership is saying I can't attend agency meetings, unless I do so as a member of the media. Then they remove me from all DHHS press release lists. Of course, they do not respond to inquiries as to why they do these things, either. Catch 22.

Silly me. I thought all US citizens had the right to know what their governments are up to.

Martha Brock

I'm with you

Renee is not.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis