Embarrassed to be a Democrat.

From the humiliation of loosing Ted Kennedy's seat, to the absence of leadership from President and to the spectacle of the Democrats in Congress running around like chickens with their heads cut off, in this past week I have never been so embarrassed to be a Democrat in my life.

Embarrassed and angry. Angry that with a Democrat as President and a Democratic majority in Congress and the finish in sight for enacting universal health care, our elected officials have decided to run off with their tails between their legs because those mean Republicans have a 41 to 59 majority in the Senate. Well lets not let them. I urge you to contact the President, the Congressional leadership and our Democratic Congressional delegation and demand that they support and enact the Senate Heath Care reform bill that is in the House. I have been following the HCR debate closely and I believe that passing the Senate bill is the best option to get effective, affordable Universal Coverage. Any thing that requires going back to the Senate, like the public option is dead, dead, dead.

Call the White House at 202-456-1111 and demand that the President make a unequivocal statement in support of passing the Senate Bill.

Call Speaker Pelosi's office at 202-225-2965 and demand that she work to pass the Senate Bill.

Call Senate Majority Leader Reid at 202-224-3545 and demand that he works with Speaker Pelosi to see that there is a guarantee that the Senate will pass the needed reform to the enacted Senate bill through the reconciliation process.

Call Senator Hagan at 202-224-6342 and demand that she comes out in support of passing the Senate Bill.

Call Representative Kissell at 202-225-3715 and demand that he votes for the Senate Bill.

Most of us have worked our tails off to get a Democratic President and Congress. We have done our part. Now it is time for them to do theirs.


I'm on it

Making my calls, sending my emails. Trying to be nice, mad as hell.

I'm not sure how all the legislative sausage-making works, but from what I've read there are several good options for clear and effective action, including the reconciliation process, which George Bush used to give this nation away to the wealthiest among us.

Thanks for writing this with all those good phone numbers included.

Call me defeated

but I long ago made those calls and wrote those letters and the result has been zero...zilch. They're not going to do anything. They all knew , and continue to know, what we want and how we feel. We told them in 2008 and it's in the news every day.
They know about the credit card company crimes and abuses, about the mortgage meltdown, about AIG, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and bonuses and bailouts....and they DO NOTHING. They know about the health care problems and that people are dying from lack of care. We wanted change...and they're giving it to us...a nickel here, a dime there while they are both raking in and spending $Billions of our hard earned money on things that have nothing to do with helping any of us or our nation.

The single greatest concentration of greedy, dissolute, spineless, sniveling, cowards, liars and feckless despicable piles of fecal matter in the world is the US Congress...followed closely by the legislatures in every state.

Ask me how I really feel.

Stan Bozarth

Yeah, I kind of Pissed too!

And Trust me as much as I want to call somebody and give them an Ear Full really what good would that do. I made Phones call during the Health Care Debate. I wrote Letters to the Editor and had a Column Published in the Kinston Free Press urging people to call the CONserva Dems as I had. What did that get me? Nothing.

I will continue to Blog out of Anger and Frustration and write the occasional Letter to the Editor but I am not wasting any more of my Cell Phone Minutes calling people that could care less what I have to say! We need to reach out to the people and Organize. The Reason we don't have say is because we don't have a big enough voice. I urge everyone to Get involved in their Local Party and make an impact on that level first.

We need to Take over the Democratic Party as my mentor Thom Hartmann always says from the inside. State Officials will listen to the Local Party Leadership. National Officials will listen to State Leaders and Congress but they don't listen to the will of the people. So the People need to get in that network. By taking back the Local Party holding office and Recruiting Progressives for Local Office and State offices. That is how we do it.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Thank you cutter.

We ain't dead yet. Keep pushing.

With more messages like this, I am hopeful that over the next week or so enough Dems in Congress will come to recognize that this is their best hope of political survival this fall. Not to mention our only hope of getting real structural health care reform started this decade.

Just. Get. The. Bill. Passed. Now.

Dan Besse

How can the HCR bill go forward now?

I will be the first to admit that I do not fully understand everything there is to know about the legislative process especially when it comes to this particular dilmena we have with regard to the HCR bill.

Am I correct in believing that because there now are less than 60 Senators that will vote for the bill in the senate that the only way it can get to the president is for the house to approve the senate version as it stands (without any changes) then send it to Obama? I have read so many different scenarios on this that I cannot make head or tails of it all.

I wish they had a book called "Getting Bills Passed for Dummies". Can one of the more knowledgeable folks here 'splain it for us please?

Oh, and I agree with Dan. If there is a way, we need to get this thing passed and worry about any perceived fall-out later.