The evil among us

I've long resisted acknowledging the presence of evil. The very act of saying things brings them into existence, and some things, I thought, were better left unspoken. Then Trump emerged, evil incarnate, contagious as the plague.

Journalists assassinated. Children ripped from families. Unrestrained greed. Never-ending lies. Democracy subverted. These things are evil, there is no other way to describe them.

But evil can't flourish without enablers, which makes our challenge all the more daunting. Without Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, without Mark Meadows and George Holding, Trump's evil might have been contained. Without Phil Berger, without Tim Moore, the scourge of authoritarian rule would not be threatening our democracy here in North Carolina. They are all in this together. Their motivations are evil.

I've been cautioned against demonizing enemies. I've been told that they mean well, that they just have a different point of view. I reject that idea. Denying voice to half the population, as Berger and Moore are doing, is evil. Lying is evil. Encouraging violence is evil. And evil must be stopped.

Our fight calls for weapons of non-violent resistance. Shaming. Shunning. Preaching. Teaching. Begging. Pleading. Marching. Reaching out in every way we can. We must turn the tide.

To be clear, I don't want Phil Berger to drop dead from a heart attack. I don't want Thom Tillis to be hit by a cement truck. And I don't want Trump assassinated. But I do want to see their agenda crushed under the weight of a populist uprising.

Are Democrats perfect? Far from it. But despite whatever imperfections we may have, we are not evil.



Unwitting slide

I have watched relatives, friends, and acquaintances slide unwittingly into supporting this evil. It didn't seem so bad to them, at first. It came easily, because it was justified by "tax cuts" and "changing the direction of the courts". But I listen to them now - still ranting about e-mails and witch hunts - and they don't seem to understand that they are now supporting a regime that is inherently evil.

I like to think that I would recognize a slide happening to me, if it were my chosen groups or parties that started doing evil. I like to think that I would stand up.

And I wonder why these people, the ones I've watched slide, haven't stood up. I don't understand it.

It's classic denialism

If they even recognize the dangers Trump represents and actively encourages, much less actually stand up to it, then they would have to admit (to themselves and others) they helped bring it about. That takes courage that most of those people don't have.

That's why I said I *hope*

I *hope* that I would stand up. I suppose you can't know until you're in the situation.