Exciting changes coming to BlueNC!

As we wrap up our sixth year of stirring the political pot in North Carolina, approaching 10,000 posts during that time, we're looking ahead to 2012 with several exciting changes in the works.

For starters, the year ahead will open with a number of new front-pagers on hand to help make sure we're covering the things that matter most in North Carolina. We'll be announcing the new line-up soon.

In addition, we'll be making some site improvements in terms of visual design and functionality. For example, we've already added a new "search" function to the top-level navigation, which will make it easier for all of us to find archived posts and comments.

Looking ahead

From the war on the environment to the war on women and everything in between, the Tea Party NCGOP has turned our political landscape into a treacherous minefield for progressives and true conservatives alike. Throw in the dangerous consolidation occurring among mainstream news organizations and you have a recipe for democratic disaster. Somebody has to watch the watchdogs, and it's not clear that anyone else is stepping up.

And just to state the obvious, 2012 promises to be a real test for our democracy. The threat of all branches of government coming under control by Tea Party Republicans should scare the living hell out of you. A woman's right to choose is on the chopping block, as is a black person's right to a fair trial, as is the very right to fair elections. Indeed, every principle that most independent thinkers view as fundamental to freedom is under assault by those who believe corporations should have the same rights as people. Simply put, Art Pope and Jim Rogers are staging a hostile takeover of our state. Along with other big business interests, they will spend literally millions of dollars to buy our democracy and make North Carolina a wholly owned subsidiary of Variety Wholesalers and Duke Energy. Somebody has to stop them. We have to be part of the solution.

How can you help?

We still have room for a couple of additional front-pagers, individuals who would be responsible for creating two or three posts a week. If you are interested, please contact James.

What's in it for you? Fame and fortune? Well maybe the fame part. BlueNC is a great platform with 3000 to 4000 unique visitors each week, a number that will grow to 10,000 next fall. But we're also a labor of love. This is a non-paying gig.

As a front-pager, you would have free rein to cover almost any North Carolina issue you want. Cross-posting from other blogs would be welcome, though original content would be important as well. As noted above, please be in touch if you're interested. We'll be convening a workshop and brainstorming session (both in person and virtual) for all the new front-pagers early in the new year.


Thank you for being part of the BlueNC community, and best wishes for the holidays!


I wish I was up to the task

but I can barely keep up with my own projects. James, you and the team here do an excellent job. I would personally be much less well informed were it not for the work of the BlueNC team.

Thanks to all and may your holidays be happy and your new year prosperous.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

I'm like Thurman above but

I will certainly make an effort to post more often. BlueNC is a valuable resource for all of us here. Thank you, James, for what you do.

Stan Bozarth

Positive Changes for a transformative year

Congratulations on the exciting plans to update BlueNC - already a must-read site for all those interested in democracy in North Carolina.

There are so many issues

impacting the lives and well-being of the people of this state, and you can't fight battles on numerous fronts with only a few sets of eyes.

2012 is going to be a crucible of a year. Either we emerge from the election prepared to bring back common sense and compassion, or we fall even deeper into the fractured land of "every man for himself" the right wing would have us live in.

Keep rocking

Keep rocking. A community platform like this Is needed now more than ever.

Hey there!

For those who don't know Targator, he's one of the founders of BlueNC. I will always be grateful to him and Lance for inviting me to the party in those early, early days.

Would love to have you back, Mr. T. Just say the word!

We are in luck

I have fabulous news for the year ahead!

It looks like we may have as many as nine frontpagers (or maybe more like 8.5) starting in January. Very exciting.

Plus, we're still talking with a few additional folks about the opportunity. Let me know if you might be interested. We're looking for folks who can commit to a couple of posts each week on average. Cross-posting is more than welcome.