The failed canonization of Art Pope

Executive sings the praises of his boss:

Mr. Etheridge failed to present a full picture of charitable giving by Art Pope and the John William Pope Foundation. In addition to supporting public policy nonprofits, which seek to enhance prosperity for all people, the Pope Foundation devotes millions to humanitarian charities, such as soup kitchens, medical missions, food banks and homeless shelters.

In October, the Pope Foundation gave $15,000 to Food Bank of the Albemarle to help those struggling to make ends meet in Elizabeth City. One of the foundation’s core focus areas is to meet the immediate needs of men, women and children in our communities.

Bolding mine, because it's the most outrageous lie in the article. JLF and Civitas advocate for a very exclusive subset of the population, a subset that already controls an inordinate percentage of the country's wealth, and they couldn't give a rat's ass about all the rest. As far as the food bank donation, the draconian cuts to unemployment and the horrific mishandling of food stamp applications, both of which can be laid at the feet of Art Pope, have emptied the shelves of food banks across the entire state. So you'll excuse me if I'm not impressed that he scribbled off a check to them. This doesn't impress me either:

Mr. Etheridge also failed to mention that Variety Wholesalers — owner of Roses and other discount stores — is an equal opportunity employer that provides jobs to local residents and terrific values to customers.

African-Americans make up about 22 percent of North Carolina’s overall population, but Variety Wholesalers’ workforce is over 44 percent African-American. Furthermore, over 37 percent of the managers in Variety Wholesalers stores are African-American.

If those numbers were reversed, with black managers making up 44 percent and overall black employees at 37 percent, I might be impressed. But as it stands, it appears "climbing the corporate ladder" for black employees gets a little slippery the higher you go. How many are on the Board? How many multi-store (regional) black managers are there?


Protests outside Pope's stores

Most of them are a little too wordy for placard signs, but if his "target market" shoppers could read some of the tripe that comes out of his "think tanks":

"Jobless benefits only encourage people to remain jobless."

and other attacks on the character of those who frequent his stores might do more to discourage their commerce than statements (however accurate) about Art Pope himself.