Before the fall

It's one thing to be uninformed,
but another thing altogether to be
proud of the resulting ignorance.
A damn scary thing.



You can pay too much attention

and when you do, you're likely to be shocked at the breadth and depth of ignorance taking hold almost everywhere.

Trying to write "something" every day.

I'm easing into it, but am excited about re-engaging ... if only to sharpen my own thinking about how change can happen. I've been talking to a number of legislators about the months ahead, and many agree that we need to see a jump-shift in how Democrats communicate.

What I don't understand is this: What are electeds afraid of? People don't want to hear the same old bullshit again and again and again. They can smell equivocation a mile away ... and they can tell when someone brings the unvarnished truth to a discussion. The term I often use is "stunning integrity" because it really is shocking to be in the presence of someone who speaks honestly.