Father Knows Best

It's Fathers Day.

Dads want to relax, not spend all their time reading about how Father Pope manipulates his puppets. We understand.

So here's a condensed version of how things work in The Old Backward State (excerpted from BackwardNC):

  1. North Carolina had public financing to help ensure clean judicial races.
  2. Pope Art never did like that.
  3. Tillisberger was about to get rid of judicial public financing. This would make Pope Art happy.
  4. Rep. Jonathan Jordan proposed a compromise amendment that would still keep dirty big money out of judicial elections. This would make Pope Art unhappy.
  5. Pope Art had a little talk with Jonathan Jordan.
  6. Jonathan Jordan withdrew his amendment. Public financing for clean judicial races was then killed. This makes Pope Art happy, as it enables him to buy more judges, in addition to legislators.

More, including pictures and sidebars that answer the question, "Is Rep. Jonathan Jordan in Pope Art's pocket?", at BackwardNC.