Final Question: Which races are you watching and who do you like?

Edwards/Obama '08. Anybody seen the bumper stickers yet?

By far the least scientific poll EVER taken, but a fun way to end the round of questioning.

And as a fellow Dan Besse volunteer and supporter, I want to share with you what Spencer Hanes is working on (I'd never met the guy before in my life and he didn't know that I'm helping Dan when he answered this question).

Remember he said that his big issues were renewable energy and energy independence? Spencer's an MBA student and he wants to develop wind energy farms and infrastructure. Here's a smart young guy, truly the next generation of green business entrepreneurs, and he wants Dan Besse to go to Raleigh and be a knowledgeable voice for progressive energy development.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

That concludes our short video series. Thanks to everyone who submitted themselves for scrutiny. See? I told you it wouldn't be so bad...