First Amendment Symposium

UNC's First Amendment Law Review (FALR) is having a symposium this month focused on religion in schools, and I thought it sounded like the kind of thing readers of this blog might be interested in. Michael Newdow (the recent Supreme Court "under God" plaintiff) will be there, as will experts in constitutional law. There will be discussion about intelligent design, too.

A friend on FALR sent me some information that I've attached to this post. You can register here. It may scare you off, but I plan to be there.



Looks interesting

But what I really want to understand is the law around commercial speech. I keep hearing wingers talk about the rights of corporations as though they are synonymous with the rights of individuals. I've read my Constitution again and again, but I just can't find anything in it about bidness!

Thanks for the heads up on the FALR series.

I would love to go...

But I will have to wait until the girls are grown(16+) to get away to do fun things like that. I would enjoy hearing about it though.

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