First Romanian Killed in Iraq

The first Romanian to die in combat in Iraq was killed in an attack last night:

The Romanian Defense Ministry identified the soldier as corporal Bogdan Hancu, a 28-year-old military policeman from the eastern city of Iasi. He is Romania's first combat casualty in Iraq.

The country has 860 troops in Iraq as part of the multinational force.

Romania has its own history of enduring a brutal dictator, but this poverty stricken nation's decision to enter this war was also affected by the millions in aid that they received from America:

In addition, $308.1 million in military aid is slated for 15 countries. They include Bahrain, Oman, which are providing logistical support for the war, but also Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, whose main contribution to the war effort has been diplomatic support for the U.S. (The prime minister of Slovenia later announced that his country had been listed erroneously as a member of the coalition, and said that Slovenia would not receive the $4.5 million in military aid that had been designated for it.)