Florida murder/suicide's NC ties

Buried in a terribly sad story over at the North Carolina Conservative are some interesting local tidbits.

Florida police are saying that Jason Robert Drake,* a man with North Carolina ties, left shot two republican political consultants, Ralph Gonzalez and David Abrami, and then himself last week. What they're not saying is why. After first calling it a lover's triangle, they're now saying:

Drake was found carrying a firearm and backpack full of ammunition. Deputies said in a short statement witnesses had mentioned "a number of potential motives."

NCC editor Judson Cox has done some digging and come up with a convoluted story that involves another murder in Pennsylvania, several video and still male-on-male porn sites, and a call-boy service in Virginia. Go read for yourself but I'd advise you not to follow the some of the links in the articles I link to unless you don't mind male nudity and more at your computer.

What caught my eye in the locally-oriented NCC article was the last paragraph and I'll quote it here:

Sources tell The North Carolina Conservative that Drake volunteered on several Republican campaigns in western North Carolina, and was an associate of Congressman Patrick McHenry. Gonzalez is also believed to have been associated with McHenry in the past. Since being elected, McHenry has attempted to insure that all elected officials in his district are his supporters and cronies. This has caused a very nasty political war of attrition in the 10th District. Sources say that Drake worked on these campaigns as a surrogate of McHenry.

Pat Go Bye Bye readers will recall that I wrote of the McHenry connection last Friday. I have two off-the-record sources tying Gonzales to McHenry (and one wacky dude.) At the time I didn't have the information that Drake had worked and/or had family in Rutherford County. (I've since read where he was coming there to be buried but can no longer find the link.)

For those of you who didn't follow those links for the Florida Gonzalez/Abrami/Drake murder/suicide story's details, I'll just sum up the political end of things for you:

Gonzales (as Georgia Republican Party Executive Director) has close ties to Ralph Reed and the dirty tricks that defeated Senator Max Cleland in Georgia. Never forget they employed the confederate flag wedge issue hysteria. Never forget that Ralph Reed took over the Georgian Republican Party using Abramoff-forced Choctaw "donations."

And never forget that Abramoff knows all these guys. (Ever wonder why McHenry defends Charles Taylor so often and vehemently?)

Ralph Gonzalez also worked as now-Representative Tom Feeney's campaign manager who created a smear site against his Democratic opponent, Clint Curtis. Gonzalez was also Feeney's campaign manager when he ran for Florida state house to become it's speaker. He stayed on as a strategist and spokesman. There the ethics scandal involving influencing software purchases. He's tied to another indicted legislator, former Rep. Sheri McInvale.

Drake's history is less obtainable on the internet unless you follow blogs to porn sites which I do not have any interest in doing. Since he's from Rutherford County it's not hard to believe NCC's story that he worked on local campaigns.

All of this will give you some taste of what we're dealing with here. Even if the call boy Republican client list/gay porn movie actor/homosexual lovers triangles stories turn out to be completely fallacious, we're steal dealing with some ugly customers. And they're friends of Pat McHenry's.

Now, we know why, even though he's never bought or sold property (except for twice when he used a power of attorney), McHenry still perpetuates the myth that he's a real estate small businessman. He really really doesn't want anyone to know what he's been doing all these years. He wouldn't have won the primary if people knew. And he wouldn't get reelected.

[One thing adding to the confusion: The police call him Robert Jason Drake, his ex-wife calls him Jason Robert Drake. I went with the woman.]

NOTE: This text has slight variations from the original due to new information, which I explain in the comment thread. -DQ



Holy Flying Foley! Uh! Make that Patty?

I have two off-the-record sources tying Gonzales to McHenry (and one wacky dude) * DQ

Hey watch that! I am not David Almond as your inside source. If I was Patty, I would resign right now and cite health reasons, since it is only going to get worst as more and more dots will continue to connect. Congrats on your excellent research, you have about 80% of the dots at the present time.

You are wacky, Max

Hey, I'm pretty wacky myself. And, maybe you're not wacky in person but you sure present yourself that way on line. Something about your typing and punctuation . . . but at least it's not in all caps. Those people really freak me out.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

George made me do it?

You are wacky, Max*Drama Queen

Hey, I'm pretty wacky myself.*Drama Queen
And, maybe you're not wacky in person but you sure present yourself that way on line. Something about your typing and punctuation . . . but at least it's not in all caps*.Drama Queen

When George Bush got elected in 2000, I decided to use his Persona on the net and his superior skills in communcation to the masses. What you don't know is that he approves all of my posts after reviewing them for grammar errors.

Those people really freak me out.*Drama Queen

Wait until they arrive at your house in the middle of the night without a search warrent.

I've been wondering about that.

I'm expecting a visit any day.

What I don't like is when they strangle you and call it suicide like the Florida DOT investigator looking into the Yang software deals. That's a little too close to the Feeney stuff which makes it a little too close to Ralph Gonzalez .. . well, you're getting the drift.

I'm going to tell my husband to get an autopsy no matter what anyone says.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

I don't know whathappentomyhusband? A Alien Lizard just pop out

I'm expecting a visit any day.* DQ

You will and you thought all of those Black Choppers were looking for Pot Fields......Don't worry, you are much higher up on the food chain for the Republican police state goons since you have open a can of worms for Patty....

ps....they don't have Black heilo's anymore,,,,they are white now and still stupid enough to leave their ID number on the aircraft to be trace on the internet in a matter of minutes....See below link how they get caught Blue handed...


I've heard Drake didn't consider himself "from" NC

from an email address that appears to be his ex-wife's. No confirmation on that but . . . in the interest of accuracy, I've changed the lead to "coming to NC" to be buried rather than "coming home."

Here's the entire text:

Hi. I’ve been reading all the blogs, and I wanted to correct something you said. Jason was not born in NC. He was not from NC….he has family ties to the state, but not actually FROM there.

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Down with Tyranny got confirmation from McHenry's office

Yes, he called them and got this:

As we mentioned yesterday, Drake, a former marine, also is alleged to have a strong relationship-- both intimate and business/political-- with right-wing Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC). When I spoke to McHenry's office about this they at first insisted they never heard of Drake then, confronted with specifics, admitted they know him. They refused to put Congressman McHenry on the phone. There is every indication that McHenry may have been one of the Republican elected officials who was using the services of the gay prostitution agency connected to Drake. Our pals over at the BradBlog points out the connections between Florida's ultra-corrupt, vote-tampering congressman, Tom Feeney, and Gonzalez and reports the threat to expose the list of Republican elected officials who were using the gay escort service.

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

very interesting

I look forward to re-reading in a day or 2 after some of the holidaze frenzy has subsided at my house.