Folwell, Stam anti-gay offensive begins

Full video (31 minutes) of the press conference yesterday at the NC General Assembly where Republican Representatives Dale Folwell, Speaker Pro-Tem, and Paul "Skip" Stam, Majority Leader, announced the upcoming introduction of a state constitutional amendment to ban something that is already banned in North Carolina: gay marriage. Meanwhile President Barack Obama declared federal disasters in seven NC counties as Hurricane Irene destroyed more than 1,000 homes, decimated NC Highway 12 and croplands were flooded, with initial damage estimates of over $70 $190 $400 million. Glad to know they've got their priorities straight.



one thing is heartening about this

Anybody watching that video will know that those two guys are minor league talent.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Witch Hunting

Early on (01:40) Folwell said:

We all know about the time tested definition of marriage in North Carolina going back to 1655. Now, you're used to hearing Majority Leader Stam refer to things that occured in 1655, but since he had a little dental surgery this morning I thought I'd throw that one in there.

"We all know" one of the biggest things to come out of the 17th century was witch-hunting, culminating in the Salem witch trials in 1692-93.

She's a witch! Burn her!!

Why do I have the feeling that the Folwells and Stams of the 17th century were playing those parts?

Eh... for laughs. The Monty Python witch skit.


To be or not to be

I am reminded of a BlueNC post James made in 2006: Small and hate-filled minds. I made a comment then that still holds true today:

A few years ago I played the part of the Rev Gideon Gish in a stage production of "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" based on the novel by Elizabeth George Speare, a fiction for youth paralleling the circumstances of the Salem Witch trials.

I was surprised how easy it was to get into character of the Puritan minister and become a hate-monger, so much so that some friends were creeped out.

The fact that my ex was in the audience probably helped with the anger part but the fate of that marriage could not be attached to either gay or church issues.

Destruction of others and defining yourself by who you are not still leaves undone the task of defining yourself and what you contribute to this world.