Fox in the Hen House, Again.

The "REINS Act" is exactly what it sounds like. A measure that would rein in government by requiring the 'major' rules created by government agencies to be approved by the General Assembly. That's right. ‘Major’ rules would have to go through NCGA, presumably as a piece of legislation. They would go through committees and be passed by both houses, possibly even be signed by the governor. This is what the Locke Foundation proposed last week at an NCGA committee meeting.

The Locke Foundation would have you believe that every agency-created rule requires the ‘consent of the governed.’ No matter that these agencies were themselves created by NCGA for the specific purpose of using their judgment to create the rules. NCGA GOP has forgotten the principle of delegation. As a state we have delegated specific powers to government agencies. Now the Locke Foundation, Art Pope and his friends, the Koch brothers, want to bring that power back to the legislature, more specifically to Republicans.

Jon Sanders of the John Locke Foundation pointed out last week that industries without rules grow faster than industries with rules. Hmm. Just like a toddler who runs through the house on a screaming rant of destruction, the Locke Foundation encourages NCGA Republicans to allow corporations to ride roughshod across North Carolina, using building materials and construction methods that don't meet code, selling milk that was not properly pasteurized, and repaving our roadways by 'standards' guaranteed to cause potholes. Just imagine a replacement for the Bonner Bridge, swaying in the ocean breeze, with Smart Car-sized potholes providing an unexpected view of the water below.

Business is something wonderful. Really. It allows people to make a living and support their families. No one is really against business, in and of itself. But just like a small child who has to learn to properly behave in order to become a productive member of society, some businesses have to learn there are limits to their actions and desires.

We cannot allow our toddlers to have free rein in the cookie aisle at the grocery store. We cannot allow them to bite other children. We cannot allow them to shove, kick and push. We cannot allow them to throw food at the table, set their own bedtime or run out into traffic. Nor can we allow businesses to abuse employees, disperse waste water into our waterways, or perform surgery without proof they meet basic standards of qualifications.

This NCGA-GOP proposal would help guarantee corporate profits by bringing a halt to government regulations. Yes, GOP, we all know that the least regulated industry grows fast--profits created on the backs of workers and consumers, hurt or even killed by an out-of-control, not yet civilized corporate toddler.

What is the world is wrong with you people that you are willing to let your own citizens suffer so someone else can make money? Have you no morals? No ethics? Obviously, you have forgotten who your constituents really are. Jesus did not guarantee a profit to the moneylenders, He threw them out of the Temple! How can you possibly enact this ridiculous proposal and go home to your constituents claiming to be Christians!!?

Your first obligation is to the PEOPLE of North Carolina, not to modern day Robber Barons.