Foxx’s Clemens Crush Says It All

Yesterday, on national TV, Virginia Foxx showed the world exactly what kind of representative she is- one that can be bought and sold, cheaply. In five minutes of the Clemens hearing we learned how she does her job and how she represents us. Her (embarrassing) performance reminds me why I support Roy Carter-- because I know that he will work hard for us, unlike Foxx who seems to only look out for #1 (herself). Here are the highlights of her role at the hearing...

Foxx met privately with Clemens earlier in the week ahead of the hearing and it was clear from her display that she arrived ready to support Clemens.

She lobbed softball questions and used photos that were created by Clemens’ legal team in her questioning. (ESPN says the photos were part of a 62 page document Clemens' legal team released to the media before the hearing.) Those photographs were huge, making me wonder if I paid for them, or if Clemens did. Foxx’s Clemens praising carried on so much that the Chairman (Waxman) even had to make use of the gavel to try and quiet her because she was interrupting others to defend Clemens.

From The Boston Herald

It’s not surprising to learn that our representatives can be bought; it’s just a little disappointing to realize how cheap they come. A handshake and a photo-op with a real, live Cy Young winner and these people roll over like puppies.

Rep. Virginia Foxx had five minutes to question Clemens, so naturally she went for the jugular: “Mr. Clemens,” she said. “Maybe you’d like to talk about your regime and how hard you work?”

That’s what she wanted to know about: his regime. Not his regimen. Naturally, Clemens took the opportunity to explain to Foxx that he works really, really hard.

That was time well spent.

From The Kansas City Star

My favorite character of the day was North Carolina Republican Virginia Foxx, who began her time by launching into a soliloquy about how this whole retched hearing was a waste of time and that with the U.S. government wasting billions of dollars, the committee should be focused on that. Common sense.

Then, she promptly said, “But as long as we’re here,” and she would not shut up, even through the chairman’s gaveling. She brought out a visual aid — that really cool poster — that featured four blown-up photographs of Clemens pitching at different times in his career. She intended to use these photographs to show that Clemens had not grown bigger through the years; unfortunately, the photographs were from different angles, and they weren’t especially clear, and anyway, nobody ever said he had grown bigger.

Yes, money well spent by North Carolina’s fifth congressional district.

For me, what happened after the hearing is just as telling. As soon as Waxman announced that the hearing was over, with the cameras rolling, Foxx got up, made her way over to the witness table, shook Clemens’ hand and then hugged his wife. Um, are you kidding me??

This overt public display of partiality is unprofessional at best, and to me is unethical. If she can’t be trusted with being impartial over something as silly as this, then how can we trust her to be impartial about the oversight of important things like military spending??

So, why are Foxx and other Republicans running to the side of Clemens? Why did she meet with him ahead of time and come to the hearing prepared to offer his defense? From what I can tell,everyone in the sports world thinks that Clemens was/is using. Is Foxx trying to save him b/c he's from Texas and is buddies with Bush? If someone has an idea, please share.

This latest Foxx folly is just another reason to support Roy Carter for Congress. It really is time for the 5th district to be represented by someone who will work hard and put People above Politics.



Great job. Thanks for doing this . . . I was hoping someone would call out this sad excuse for a Congress person.

I think the old Foxx saw Clemens in private so she could cop a feel. No wait, that was Patty McHorny.


this is just my second blog post (ever) so i was pumped to get bumped to the front.

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Foxx must be a Yankees fan

she is a Bronx native afterall.
speaking of Foxx.

Do you have a problem with Yankees fans?

Because if you do, we're going to have some problems.

just sayin'.

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I'm pretty sure we're slowly becoming best friends. Yankees, FTW.


I'm definitely seeing an adult beverage or two in your future.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

No, I have a problem with Foxx

And, I am not a baseball fan, but I like underdogs.
And, I do like to see the Yankees get beat by teams who have a total payroll that equals one Yankee star, so I guess you could say I am not a Yankees fan.
I like Football, and to put it in perspective, A-Rod makes more in one year than the entire NY Giants made this year.

You're also not much of a "numbers" fan

NY Giants $110,106,554.00
Alex Rodriguez $27,708,525.00

And there's only one team that made less than A-Rod last season, Tampa Bay at 24.9m.

Yes, professional athletes are overpaid, but every team has their grossly overpaid superstars. The fact of the matter, is Yankee Stadium sells out virtually every game, and do keep in mind that they won TWENTY-SIX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN THEIR FIRST 94 SEASONS. Practice your math with those numbers.

(Numbers are from 2007 seasons, respectively.)

Your right

I misspoke, A-Rod only makes a quarter of what the Giants Roster made. The total Yankee pay is just a little more than 700 million, more than 6 times the Giants payroll. I know the championships, I see them on Dale Mabry every time I'm in Tampa.
I know the Yankees sell a lot of tickets, alot of hats for that matter. but my point was that they are in a league of their own.

That's because they're the Yankees

and they pwn.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi