Free market meltdown

Just when you thought it was safe to peddle Nutty Buddies:

One ice cream truck driver is accused of beating up another ice cream truck driver Thursday in Corolla.

Witnesses said Christopher Schurr, 31, of Poplar Branch, got out of his truck and slugged the other driver, Artem Vladimirovich, 20, of Kill Devil Hills. Schurr was charged with simple assault. Vladimirovich was treated and released.

Schurr said in the police report that Vladimirovich cut him off while the two trucks were making rounds in the Corolla neighborhood.

Attempts at humor in the comment section:

So... now Corolla is "Custard's" Last Stand!

New Flavor of the day............. Rocky Balboa Road. It's going to be a big hit......

the thrilla in vanilla !

Okay, that's kinda funny.

So much for the "good Humor" man.

I hope cooler heads prevail!!