Friday fracking video


I think it's part of the Voter ID scheme

Buy people's mineral rights, then poison them so they can't get to the polls.

It's not the fracking... it's the drilling?

Biggest cover-up in history

Scores of people with personal stories of tainted (and even flammable) water, video footage of dead or dying ponds/creeks, the industry itself has admitted to receiving over 1,000 complaints from individuals, and yet..."There are no documented cases where fracking has contaminated drinking water."

Bullshit. And that bullshit carries an ominous implied undertone: That couldn't happen without the complicity of government, whether on the ground or higher on the bureacratic ladder.

Get it right, or pay the price.

Here's one reported case,

which is currently being debated over at Ed Cone's place. As you can see, denialists have heads so hard they can't even be hydraulically fractured.

Sept. 10 Summit on Fracking

Save the Date:
Sept. 10 Statewide Summit on Fracking Impacts
Clean Water for NC invites you to:

Keeping NC’s Water, Air and Communities Safe
From Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas

Saturday, September 10, 1:30 – 5:30 PM
Central Carolina Community College
Multi-Purpose Room
764 West Street
Pittsboro, NC
Registration $15 by Sept. 2 at

Speakers include:

* Calvin Tillman, former mayor of Dish, TX and founder of discusses air impacts and the need to test, featured in “GASLAND”
* Dr. Avner Vengosh, Duke University, co-author of “Methane Contamination of Drinking Water Accompanying Gas Well Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing”
* Carol French, farmer from Bradford County, PA talks about her community’s experiences in dealing with massive gas extraction
* Jordan Treakle, Rural Advancement Foundation Intl., advising farmers and landowners to protect themselves from predatory leases
* More invited speakers on community, water and economic impacts of “fracking”

For more information, contact Clean Water for NC
(919) 401-9600 or

Thanks for the heads-up!

I should be able to attend. I love it when people plan these things on weekends.