Friday fracking video



It's a sad commentary on my social life that I'm looking forward to exploring that site on a Friday night...


Undisclosed site...?

A while back there were reports of an undisclosed site in Western NC that was going to be evaluated for fracking potential.

Has anymore information been released?

None that I've found

It's in their best interests to keep something like that on the down low, so somebody doesn't do the right thing by getting some baseline water quality testing done. I'll keep looking.


I believe it would be something that voters in the WNC districts should demand to be informed of PRIOR to next election.

Sounds like...

...The Charter school plan...

Classic "To Go Forth" Fascism

Yep! The term to Educate comes from the Western Ancient Roman Latin term which means "to go forth" Charter Schools depend on the State for 100% funding and 90% of them are own by large 1 % Global Foreigh Corporations whose prime goal is excessive profit by using the old Orwellian GOP Doublespeak Term " private partners" with the State......