Friday News: Welcome to the 1950's

NC GOP LEGISLATOR DROPS SEXIST BOMBSHELL ON VISITING HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS: A North Carolina state legislator faced backlash on social media Wednesday after commenting about a group of visiting female high school students. After the introduction, Sanderson offered advice to the student group from the lectern. "I know for sure that if you continue to recruit young ladies like (those sitting in) the front row, you're not gonna have any trouble recruiting young men," Sanderson said. "We'll have more farmers then we know what to do with." The Twitter account of the Senate Democratic Caucus tweeted "Girls in the FFA can't just be there for an interest in farming? This is gross." Ginger Garner, Sanderson's Democratic opponent in November, responded with her own tweet saying: "Elected officials should serve as an example to our students through their actions & words. Senator Sanderson's comments today objectified female students & minimized their work & involvement in the FFA. His comments are appalling & entirely inappropriate."

REPUBLICANS PUSH AMENDMENT THAT WOULD ALLOW THEM TO REPLACE JUDGES INSTEAD OF COOPER: New legislation on judicial appointments would chip away at the governor's power to fill vacancies on the bench, but only if voters approve a constitutional change later this year. Republican legislators, who have been back and forth over judicial redistricting and other reforms over the past year, have now proposed Senate Bill 814, which would set up a commission to review judicial nominations. That commission would take nominations from the public when vacancies occur, evaluate them and forward names to the General Assembly. Lawmakers would then send at least two names to the governor, who would have to pick one. This wouldn't replace North Carolina's practice of electing judges, only the way vacancies are filled between elections.

HARLEYS AND WHISKY TOP EUROPEAN UNION US IMPORT TARIFFS: The European Union is enforcing tariffs on $3.4 billion in U.S. products as of Friday in retaliation to duties the Trump administration has put on European steel and aluminum. The goods targeted include typical American products like bourbon, peanut butter, and orange juice, in a way that seems designed to create political pressure on U.S. President Donald Trump and senior U.S. politicians. "This response by the European Union is adequate, it is proportionate and it is reasonable. Needless to say, it is in full respect of EU and (World Trade Organization) rules," said European Commission spokesperson Alexander Winterstein. Trump imposed tariffs of 25 percent on EU steel and 10 percent on aluminum on June 1. Europeans claim that breaks global trade rules.

AFTER BLAMING CONGRESS FOR INACTION ON IMMIGRATION, TRUMP SAYS "STOP WASTING TIME" ON IT: President Donald Trump on Friday told his fellow Republicans in Congress to "stop wasting their time" on immigration legislation until after November, dismissing his party's struggle to surmount internal divisions. Trump's tweets come just days after he insisted Congress act to resolve the problems at the U.S.-Mexico border. But stubborn differences between conservative and more moderate Republicans in the House have stalled immigration legislation on Capitol Hill, with a vote on a compromise measure delayed until next week. Trump said Friday that even if a measure passes, it's doomed in the Senate. "Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration until after we elect more Senators and Congressmen/women in November," he tweeted. "Dems are just playing games, have no intention of doing anything to solves this decades old problem. We can pass great legislation after the Red Wave!"

TRUMP SCRAPS OBAMA OCEAN PROTECTION MEASURES THAT FOLLOWED DEEPWATER HORIZON CATASTROPHE: Trump’s order downplays environmental protection, saying the change would ensure that regulations and management decisions don’t get in the way of responsible use by industries that “employ millions of Americans, advance ocean science and technology, feed the American people, transport American goods, expand recreational opportunities and enhance America’s energy security.” Jack Belcher, managing director of the pro-industry National Ocean Policy Coalition, said the new approach would remove “a significant cloud of uncertainty” for marine commerce. Environmentalists said it erases a national mandate to improve ocean health. “In another attempt to reverse progress made under President Obama, the Trump administration is recklessly tossing aside responsible ocean management and stewardship,” said Arian Rubio, legislative associate for the League of Conservation Voters.



NC GOP appealing to Holy Trinity of nutcases in mid-terms

Well, they must be desperate to drive out the base in November by proposing three Constitutional amendments - there's Voter ID for the GOP's racists, screwing up judges to drive the evangelicals to the polls, and the hunting and fishing amendment to get the gun nuts out from under their rocks to votes.