Fuck the Bloginati! (aka Who the Hell is Paul Hodes?)

I'm done. Done with KOS, MyDD, SwingState...

All the corporate "progressive" bullshit.

"Let's open the floor for netroots nominations..." my ass.

How about...

Let's endorse the guy that spent $20 grand on a DailyKOS ad asking people to vote for him to win $5,000 from Mark Warner!

Are they fucking serious?

I'd rather give money to a crackhead than another Ned Lamont.

And who the fuck is Paul Hodes? That must be the infamous girly drink induced northeastern stratergy...

Obviously the guy is a netroots favorite. He's raised all of $600 on-line. Pffft. Thanks Markos, Matt, David, Chris... Jackasses.

Here's what I have to say about your corporate NetrootsTM endorsement.


Long live BlueNC and REAL netroots!


That is diasppointing

What about this: "Today and tomorrow, Matt, David, Markos and I will all introduce one of the new candidates." Does that mean that there are others who will be added?


Did the new "NetrootsTM Endorsed" candidates just start their ActBlue pages yesterday?

Linda Stender----7---$97.31----$2,272.59
Jerry McNerney--18--$652.32---$10,224.01
Paul Hodes------10--$232.34------$633.38

Look! Hodes can afford dial up now. He might even find the Internet if Markos comes over and installs AOL for him.



I counted votes...I actually went on the MyDD comment thread and started counting votes because I was so excited to see all the support being thrown to the Kissell campaign.

When I counted (which was about a week ago) Kissell had 2x the votes of the closest nominee, Laesch, followed by McNerney and Winter and then a distant Stender. Hodes was not even on the list.

Factor in that the Kissell campaign has raised around $15,000 online from 550 separate donors, and it's easy to see you've got yourself a Rigged Election.

Incomprensible! Outrageous! Abso-freakin-lutely Unforgiveable!

RANT - please post this diary on Kos. I'd like to find out who else is bitchin about these results today.

Maybe tomorrow

I kind of want to see KOS's big fat love letter to Hodes tomorrow first. You know it'll be this big long rationale for how kick ass he is even though none of us has ever heard of him, and how smart KOS is for coming up with the northeastern stratergy, with lots of big sloppy kisses for Little Neddy Lamont mixed in.

Kind of like he did for that kick ass Tim Dunn feller.

Wasn't it Markos

who wrote in CTG how dumb it was for the Democrats to ignore the South?

(Answer: Yes)

I Couldn't help it....

I had to count again. The I-don't-want-to-believe-it part of me just had to check the votes. Maybe things changed while I wasn't looking.

Um, no.

Out of 183 comments (not all were votes, and I did my best to eliminate duplicates):

Endorsements go to:
McNerney - 13
Stender - 8
Hodes - 2 (both mentioned as asides in comments for Kissell)

Most votes go to:
Kissell - 41
Laesch - 23
Winter - 14

Other notable losers who got more votes than Hodes:
Carter - 8
Skinner - 8
Gillebrand - 4 (w/ 16 blog endorsements!)
Courage - 4
Harris - 3
Brown - 3
Paccione - 3

Losers who tied Hodes vote total, but at least had their own mention:


It looks like MyDD

may need another couple of words for the "D"s in its name.

Good suggestion!

Hmm, let's see...

Dicked-over Delegates?
Distract and Divide?
you Don't get to Decide?

One thing to consider

I've seen it discussed elsewhere that those embraced by the DCCC and their cash flow will not be endorsed, since they don't need the money I guess. Perhaps it is a sign that Rahl will truly come through with big bucks, big endorsements, and big visitors for Mr. Kissell.

Perhaps the Big Dog will take a trip to NC? Or, Edwards?

Was anyone else perplexed at the Sanford-Hunt dinner that neither NC-08 or NC-11 were brought up by the former Governor? He was red meat about the state house and legislature, but didn't mention one thing about the federal elections.

Hunt is the kind of guy that could really increase turn-out for Kissell.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


There's more candidates coming, and these guys are not your enemies. Deep breath. There's more to this than meets the eye, and I believe patience will be rewarded.

I'm certainly not going to work with a guy who calls me names without enough information.

Scrutiny Hooligans - http://www.scrutinyhooligans.us

No, they're not the enemy

which is why this is so confusing.

I just don't get it...why call for nominations only to completely disregard them?

Kissell isn't the only one who got screwed. Laesch and Winter also got more votes than any of the newly endorsed candidates.

Look...if they want to pick candidates on their own, cool. Just don't ask us to invest in a process that we clearly have no say in.

That could be true.

But that's not what they said on the call for nominations:

There's some targeting that goes into these nominations, but the most important qualifying criteria for a netroots endorsement is local blog support. So if you have a local blog and are following/supporting a candidate, please make your case for the endorsement.


The point of the netroots endorsement is to beat Republicans directly, lock down their resources indirectly, and support local infrastructure (including the 50 state strategy). So please, nominate away. And include local blog links when you nominate.

Electricity is back

We lost power so I haven't been able to post.

I found this out last night. The first post I saw was Chris's at MyDD. Then I went to ActBlue and saw all four new candidates added to the list, so I knew who was on before the posts went up. I read the glowing endorsements and just felt sick.

Here's why I'm angry.

Twice now the nominations have been opened. The first time I spent a lot of time putting together a long post that was posted at DKos as a diary and as posts within the nomination threads at DKos and SSP. We had very few others post in support of Larry, so I was disappointed when he didn't get nominated, but not upset.

This time several of us spent time rounding up commenters and monitoring the results as well as posting diaries to keep up the energy. Larry crushed everyone else mentioned. Knowing how these guys work I figured it wasn't in the bag.

I knew McNerney was in b/c of a diary Chris wrote about "movement candidates" but I also felt they would nominate more than one. I started to get a little fearful when I saw so much talk about abandoning the southern strategy, but I still felt they wouldn't ignore the overwhelming response for Larry in the comments.

They did. They might not have meant it as an insult, but it is. They basically said, we don't give a crap about the Kissell campaign.

That is it for me. No more jumping through their hoops. They have some good ideas, but quite frankly every single one of us can run circles around them when it comes to political strategy.

I will write diaries and bust my ass to get them recommended as I'm sure the rest of you will. It is one of the reasons that Larry has been so successful on ActBlue. Every time one of us posts a diary money comes in to the campaign - even if it is just one contribution.

I'm not angry with other DKos/MyDD community members...just the guys who seem to think they are the most important political operatives this century.

Political operatives or PoOp for short. Say it fast three times. ;)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks RANT

for reading my mind before you posted. That way I got to keep it clean.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Let's not post at DKos

Let's keep our bitching here. We will only look like we're sore losers if we bitch at Kos or MyDD. Our argument is with the principals, not the community. We don't want that to reflect on Larry.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Nice job, Robert.

A good squeaky wheel.

Keep the Focus

I do not think many people in the 8th read Kos (and those who do will be voting Kissell anyway). And Kos endorsements have not given victory to anyone. We have been fighting this fight together and all want Larry to do great, but we should keep our anger focused on Flip Floppin' Robin and the damage he has done to our state through his CAFTA (and many other) vote. We have 3+ months to go; keep the energy up and flaring in pursuit of securing votes for Larry.

The two "obscure" candidates today ...

were #48 and $49 on the National Journal List of Races to Watch. Larry is #47. The California Race is a bit odd from a winnability point of view, but, hey -- it is the largest State and the most wired State, after all. Webb is only the 2nd endorsed Senate Race (the first one being the attack on Lieberman which has used a good quarter million of resources, but bought the blogosphere quite a bit of attention.

There is a lot of anti-Southern, anti-Baptist prejudice out there -- since a lot of Southerners and Baptists have done some pretty lousy things. We just have to keep reminding the rest of the world about people like Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter, and even Fritz Hollings http://www.thestate.com/mld/state/news/opinion/14882253.htm, who wrote one of the best pieces I have seen on the war.