Gates Rules Out Military Engagement

Today in a press conference Defense Secretary Robert Gates ruled out any military engagement in Georgia. Gee I wonder why...

With our military stretched too thinly, why would such a consideration even be on the table? We shouldn't even be in Iraq and should be focusing on Afghanistan aka the Forgotten War. We have more justification to be in Darfur than in Iraq, hell even North Korea. If it wasn't for Iraq, I would support some sort of multinational peacekeeping mission lead by the US to both Darfur and Georgia. But that's not the case. I don't believe this is the beginning of a new Cold War, just simply Russia trying to assert itself as a "superpower" once more. Russia has to realize the days of Czarist Russia and the Soviet Union are over. There are no more empires and must settle with what it has.

Meanwhile the US government should be asserting itself in the conflict through diplomacy and broker a deal between both parties to cease all conflict. We should not be supporting Georgia, but the break away province as it would go against the very fundamentals that our government held during the 1990s Kosovo conflict.