General Wesley Clark endorses Cal Cunningham

Today General Wesley Clark endorsed Cal Cunningham and his campaign to defeat Richard Burr.

Almost 4 years ago General Clark threw his support behind Jim Webb, catapulting a thoughtful veteran to a primary win and eventually a win over George Allen.

Everyone here knows who Wesley Clark is. You know about his 34 years of service, his multiple medals including 2 Bronze Stars, the Silver Star, the Purple Heart, and his Distinguished Service Awards. You know that the former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO is a strong progressive who has worked hard to make our country a better place.

As General Clark points out, Cal would be the very first veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan elected to the U.S. Senate. Cal was awarded both the Bronze Star and the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award for his service in Iraq prosecuting rogue contractors who were harming our mission in Iraq.

But that is not the only reason that General Clark is endorsing Cal:

Cal has seen war and understands it's time to "Conclude the Mission in Iraq. With Honor. Period."

Cal knows sexual orientation plays no role on the battlefield, and that it's time to end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Cal knows first-hand why we must break our "destructive dependence on foreign oil from unfriendly regimes," and he recognizes that climate change poses a critical threat to our national security.

Cal will fight for veterans and honor their sacrifices.

As General Clark says, Cal would “bring a veteran’s unique perspective to policymaking in Washington.”

So please join General Clark in supporting a veteran who will stand up for what is right.


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Today is a great day for the campaign!

"Keep the Faith"

Wes Clark endorsement

Yesterday Wes Clark endorsed Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas. Lincoln is known for opposition to a public option in health care, her opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act, her vacillation on offshore drilling, and her commitment to policies that favor big banks.

The last thing North Carolina needs is a Blanche Lincoln representing us.

And it's a good thing

that Cunningham is no Blanche Lincoln.

I don't care for her stances on health care or climate change, among other issues. But I'd note that Obama has endorsed her as well. I believe it's an effort to protect Democratic incumbents in Lincoln's case.

At any rate, both of our two still-competitive Democrats in the May primary (Cunningham and Marshall) are substantially more progressive than Lincoln, as is Lewis for that matter.

Dan Besse

Good News

The word about Cal is getting out around more and more outside the state. Glad to be a part of this growing campaign.

Yes, good news

I admire Wes Clark, have for a long time. Cal couldn't ask for a better endorsement.

I agree James

Not just because of my admiration for the General, but his reasons for endorsing Cal are especially good.

"Keep the Faith"

Very good news

and I'm glad to see the public attention to repealing DADT.

I do hope with a veterans section, and a national security section, and many other issues that we'll see DADT repeal go up soon.

Repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – Elaine believes that if people are willing to serve, then we should honor them. Signing up to join the United States military is one of the most courageous things anyone can do, and as U.S. Senator she would fully support the repeal of this outdated policy. If someone is willing to fight for our country, we should not ask them to lie about who they are.

Doing away with the “Defense of Marriage Act” – Elaine believes it is not the Federal government’s job to discriminate against anybody including when it comes to sexual orientation. As U.S. Senator, Elaine would support the repeal of DOMA and fight to restore the idea of equality for all Americans.

Elaine's website has civil rights section that it is hard for even conservatives to argue with. DADT repeal means less government regulations, and more national security. DOMA repeal means less government regulation and more states rights.

Ken has a justice section:

The politics of our broken Senate seeks to divide us on issues like closing the achievement gap, achieving pay equity, fighting sexual orientation and gender discrimination, and promoting equity in the criminal justice system. I will bring knowledge of a greater truth to the Senate: progress on civil rights and liberties affects Americans from all walks of life. When minority populations perform at lower levels in our schools, or women experience injustice in the workplace, it hampers our national economic competitiveness, weakens our social institutions, and undermines our efforts to promote a just, diverse society. In a new Senate, I will extend the hard work of generations in the name of progress:


* I am opposed to discrimination in any form, including against persons who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered. I support full and equal legal rights for same-sex couples.

* I support efforts to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

* I would have voted for the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009.

Elaine participated in a live blog at PamsHouseBlend, Ken has one schedule, and Pam has said that Cal mentioned interest.

So I assume they have something for their website in the works too. He had a strong and concise statement for blue nc radio with his "End It." With the primary about a month away though I feel that it is important that everyone make their stands publicly and on their websites soon.