Gerrymandered GOP seats with no Dem challenger?

I've got a modest proposal on how Dems and progressives can bring attention to the gerrymandered state of NC's districts.

Are there any races you can think of where there's no Dem challenger?

If so, I would suggest spreading the word that Dems and progressives should write in a candidate for the seat named "Gerry McGerrymander".

According to NC statutes, the write-ins would have to be counted and reported in a general election.

If there are multiple races with the possibility of this write-in candidate, we might encourage the media to watch the returns and see how Gerry does in the election.



It looks like 12 races in the

It looks like 12 races in the senate and 28 races in the house where the Republicans have no opposition. There are actually more (30) unopposed Democrats in the house.

I'm a moderate Democrat.


Do you have a convenient link to a list?

We could also make it known

We could also make it known to the House and Senate Democratic Caucuses that it would be preferable to find candidates to run in these districts, just so we give local Dems SOMEONE to vote for.

One bright spot...

Although it has been said that it is mathematically impossible for Democrats to recapture a majority in the house this cycle, it would only take a gain of three Democratic seats to end the Republicans' veto-proof majority.

That would certainly make Gov. Cooper's veto pen a much more potent weapon for The People.