Good news from Billy Kennedy's campaign

Via email:

BETHEL, NC - Newcomer Congressional candidate Billy Kennedy surprised political pundits on Tuesday by matching incumbent Representative Virginia Foxx (NC-5) in first quarter 2010 financial contributions and widely exceeded Foxx in the number of individual donors, according to official filings with the Federal Elections Commission by both candidates for the quarter covering January 1 - March 31.

Kennedy took in over $91,109 in contributions from individuals, compared to Foxx's $69,097. A full third of Foxx's total contributions came from political action committees (PACs), including the American Bankers' Association, the National Association of Health Underwriters, and the National Association of Realtors PAC.

Less than one percent of Kennedy's contributions came from PACs. Instead, Kennedy amassed his impressive numbers from over 900 individual donors who gave small sums.

"We set a financial goal for the first quarter and exceeded it. I am overwhelmed at the generosity of regular working people who gave $10 or $20 because that's what they could afford and because they want new representation in Washington," said Kennedy.

"People are sending a message to my opponent loud and clear: you've been in Washington too long, and we've got nothing but hard times to show for it."

Kennedy is running on a populist platform that promises to "send a working man to clean up the House." He says the people of North Carolina's 5th District know they are poorly represented by incumbent Virginia Foxx and are ready for someone who will vote in their interest rather than the interests of PACs, big banks, and corporate CEOs.


Well played

Good job, Mr. Kennedy! This is a great press release ... a clear and compelling contrast between a man of the people and a woman who long ago sold her soul to corporate interests.

I do so hope you kick her misguided butt out of Congress.

Congrats to Kennedy!

And thanks for sharing this story James and keeping it on the public radar.

It sure would be something if Burr's current seat in the senate, and old seat in the house both went democratic in the same year.