GOP Chair Tom Fetzer Makes $125.000 Grand a year and he is not Gay?

Fmr. NCGOP Chair Rouse reports on Central Committee Meeting

Tuesday, 24 November 2009 00:00

Editor's note: Former NCGOP Chair Frank Rouse sent the following email to a large group of party activists on Monday night.

Highlights of the Central Committee Meeting on Saturday:

In preparing for 2010, the budget was proposed to the Central Committee and then passed by the Executive Committee. Operating revenue and expenses to be balanced equaled a little over $950,000. The larger increases in line items on the expense side occurred in Payroll and Internet Web Hosting and Design. In relation to payroll, Steve Long presented to the Central Committee the position breakdown of: Full-time Chairman - $125,000, Executive Director $75,000, Political Director $50,000 and others for a total payroll of roughly $458,500.

Other notable news: Kieran Shanahan was appointed by the Chairman and approved by the Executive Committee to serve as Finance Director. Mark Stephens has been retained as a Direct Mail consultant and a new direct mail vendor has been contracted.

What this means is that the chairman will receive $125,000/year and the new executive director will receive $75,000/year, plus benefits.

... The following is a repeat of a paragraph in Mr. Fetzer's memo, from above [See Related Post HERE].

We feel that time is of the essence because, having just led the successful Victory effort in New Jersey, Russell is in demand and there are other offers for his services. Also, we would very much like to get the ED position filled as soon as possible so we can hit the ground running in the new year.

After consulting with several former chairmen, none of us can remember an ED and Chairman being paid at the same time, let alone $200,000. The payroll with benefits makes up over 1/2 of the budget. Thank God the Pope family paid for the building.

Also I would I would suggest that the ED is not from N C. I begged Tom not to hire someone from out of state. However Peck did work for the RNC in N.C. in '08. He must be very proud of his success here. If he ran Christie's campaign in N. J., why would he not command a higher salary in N. J. or his home state of Florida? Also, we are very, very proud that Christie won in N. J., but he was not the conservative in the Republican Primary.