GOP jobs plan: Send teacher assistants to the unemployment line

And then make them contact 5 non-school employers every week:



Somebody in Brunswick County

Really pissed off the idiot brigade in Raleigh...

Teachers blew it

The first day of class was the best and most effective day to call in sick, and then the next day, and then the next day, and on and on until parents and employers would be screaming for relief.

You can't put kids first unless you put teachers first first.

PS I love teachers

Back when I was on the Public School Foundation Board in Chapel Hill, I helped start a campaign called "Teachers First." And that's how I look at things. If we don't put teachers first, the system falls apart.

The "de-professionalization" of teachers is one of the most tragic things that is happening in our society. And make no mistake, pay is what matters most when you want to show that someone is valued.

I'm not a teacher, but I am an advocate for teachers. We must restore them to the position they deserve in our society.

Teachers first.

And in 59 of our 100 counties

And in 59 of our 100 counties, the largest employer in the county is the public school system.

Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot?