GOP joins Char-O in calling for removal of LaWana Mayfield from Commission

Marching to a different drummer:

Senate Republicans called on Gov. Roy Cooper Tuesday to rescind an appointment he gave a Charlotte City Council member who referred to police officers as "homegrown terrorists wearing blue uniforms."

Charlotte Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield is also something of a 9/11 truther, questioning in a Facebook post last year whether planes really hit the World Trade Center in New York. But it was her March 2018 Twitter post on police in America that led The Charlotte Observer to call for her removal from the state Human Relations Commission in an editorial over the weekend. Cooper named Mayfield to the board in December.

One of the core goals of the Commission is to seek equality in justice and government services, and we're not even close to that in the way police deal with people of color. There needs to be *several* people on that Commission who are prepared to speak out on this blatant attack on Constitutional rights, and the rest of the damn Commission needs to be prepared to listen. All that being said, the last thing they need to do is chase conspiracy theories and deteriorate into subjective classifications. Not all black male youths are "thugs," and not all police are "terrorists." We need to work towards removing such preconceived notions, or the violence will only get worse. There are a couple of nuggets in here that work in her favor:

Cooper's office didn't immediately respond to a WRAL News request for comment, but senior adviser Ken Eudy told The Charlotte Observer that the governor doesn't require the thousands of appointees he places on boards and commissions to have the same views as he does.

Eudy also said Mayfield is the longest-serving council member in the state's largest city.

The Human Relations Commission "advocates, enforces and promotes equality of opportunity in the areas of housing, fair employment practices, public accommodations, education, justice and governmental services," according to its website. The governor appoints 18 of the commission's 22 members.

The sheer size of the Commission would dilute her influence, so the Commission itself would likely not be compromised by any of her more extremist views. But the most telling and important factor is her continued re-election to Charlotte's District 3. She didn't just "slide by," either, she's pulled an overwhelming supermajority in the General Election, and blown away previous Primary challengers. The voters in her District have spoken, and those folks deserve a voice on that Commission, too.

But in order for that voice to be effective, LaWana needs to remember that whatever ideas she comes up with *will* be judged by the way she presents them. It's the nature of politics that you (very often) can't get things done and say whatever is crossing your mind at the same time. You may have to choose, and whatever choice you make will reveal what you really want.



And, she's been pulled...

Not unexpected, and I hope this doesn't balloon out of proportion. Cooper didn't make those comments, she did. Governor Cooper has literally thousands of LEO's that work for him, and expecting him to ignore their concerns is both naive and unfair.