The GOP's Toxic Agenda for North Carolina

As part of our commitment to exposing the toxic agenda of the radical right-wing in North Carolina, we've created this new feature to educate and inform. Working together, we can stop them from dragging our state back to the dark ages. Here's what they're up to.

Destroying public education
By under-funding public schools, the GOP has dragged North Carolina to the bottom of the barrel nationally. Teachers are leaving the jobs in record numbers. The right wing wants public schools to fail and be replaced by private schools that can discriminate based on race and religion.

Poisoning our drinking water
By rolling back reasonable regulations, the radical right allows chemical companies and Duke Energy to poison the drinking water of hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians. People are literally dying from this contamination, as they will for generations to come.

Making women second-class citizens
Conservatives have a long history exploiting women for cheap labor. And if that weren't enough, they also want to restrict contraception, while forcing women to bear children whether they want to become mothers or not.

Prisons for profit
Racial bias and puritanical drug laws mean thousand and thousands of people go to jail for no good reason. The only ones who benefit are private prison operators and bail bondsmen.

Creating a permanent underclass
GOP tax policies help the rich get richer while the middle class gets screwed. Who suffers the most? People who actually work for a living -- and their families.

Spreading lies
Under Trump, the right-wing in North Carolina has determined that lying and cheating are good business. Stay alert. The stream of nonsense and propaganda spewing from the sewers at Civitas is relentless.

Over the months ahead, we'll be researching the right-wing's toxic agenda, exposing their lies, and calling them to account for the damage they're doing to our state. You can help. If you see something, say something.



Mr. Yuk

I tried to adapt one to my needs, but I ran out of time. Great minds!

The idea for this came from ...

I've stumbled onto a very efficient model for keeping up with the right's toxic agenda:

Track what Civitas' top dog is saying, turn his propaganda upside down, and republish with gusto.

It's especially rewarding because Donald Bryson, Fran De Luca's replacement at Civitas, is the most predictable caricature of a programmed spokesbot I've ever seen. It's been fun watching him trash the Civitas brand with his daily nonsense. I'm glad he's on the job.

There is a great article in Rolling Stone the Mar. 22 issue

on the purchase of Smithfield Pork in Duplin County by the Chinese. They get the finished product and the food security but we get the environmental catastrophe left from the waste. A pattern of lax laws that started this is carried on by "Jimmy Dixon, a representative for a near-by hog farming county who has received more than $100,000 in contributions from the pork industry, introduced a bill last year that would effectively neuter Miller's lawsuit against Murphy-Brown (Smithfield subsidiary that tricked farmers into borrowing lots of money to participate in "contract farming"; "they preyed on the American dream of owning your own business, so we took on a lot of debt. But they pay you just enough to make payments, but never enough to get out of debt.")
When Cooper vetoed Dixon's bill the legislature overruled him and passed a watered-down version of the original law.

rolling Stone Issue March 22- April, 5, 2018