Guns and bars don't mix

The state of North Carolina is considering legislation that will lift the ban on concealed, loaded guns in bars, restaurants, and public parks. Sign a postcard here to tell the NC Legislature that Guns and Alcohol Don't Mix!

I hear repeatedly from those in favor of weaker gun laws that "If more people carried guns, there would be less violence." Often, they cite stories like this one in Salt Lake City where a man was gunned down in a busy Salt Lake City park, saying that "If an armed law-abiding citizen had been there, maybe a murder could have been prevented."

We saw in the Gabrielle Giffords case that there was another "law-abiding citizens" present, Joe Zamudio, who was carrying a loaded gun. He decided not to draw his weapon while helping to subdue Jared Lee Loughner. We'll never know what would have happened if he had.

In fact, Jared Loughner was a "law-abiding citizen" as far as his gun purchase went. He had been arrested before, but all charges were dismissed. So really, for the purposes of gun ownership, "law-abiding" means very little. Someone with a history of mental illness and criminal activity should not be able to have a gun, but-- because of lax laws allowing for the purchase of guns without a background check or waiting period-- they often have little trouble buying them.

The proponents of this bill call it a "deterrence." My question is, a deterrence for whom? Is it to deter teens and college students from seeking positions as serving staff in restaurants and bars, for fear that someone they're serving alcohol to might be carrying a loaded gun? What would their responsibility be if that person were to pull out their firearm during a bar fight?

Is it to deter moms like me from feeling safe enrolling my son in little league? I've seen how competitive parents can get over a 'friendly' little game of baseball. Should I have to be worried that another parent might lose their cool and shoot the umpire or a fellow parent?

The answer to gun violence is not "more guns". The logic is flawed: more guns equals more guns. That's it. Who's to say that if a concealed carry permit holder were to draw their weapon during moments of chaos like these, that friendly-fire shootings wouldn't become the norm? When these things happen, no one knows who is the hero and who is the villain, just that there are people being shot.

Allowing hidden loaded guns into more public places does not deter violence, especially when there is alcohol present. North Carolinians know that mixing guns and alcohol is a recipe for disaster.

Sign a postcard here to tell the NC Legislature that Guns and Alcohol Don't Mix!


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