Guvnor Pat gives Tillisberger a good laugh

Guvnor McClueless continues to operate under the delusion that he is somehow relevant in state government, although most everyone realizes that he's Tillisberger's hired pen, nothing more.

He recently offered two more humorous demonstrations of his view from his home in Alternate Realityville.

First, he summoned reporters to tell them what would happen if the House and Senate can't agree on a budget. It boggles the mind why any of the reporters bothered to show up, but they did, and Pat gave them the lowdown.

McCrory called reporters to his office on Monday afternoon to let them know he has told Budget Director Art Pope to issue a directive letting state agencies know how they should proceed if the current two-year budget isn’t amended in the next eight days – which is pretty much the whole reason the legislature is back in town for the short session.
McCrory said if the amended budget isn’t in place, spending for teachers assistants would not be cut below what was spent on them this year. He said those on Medicaid, the blind, disabled and Alzheimer’s patients also would not be affected.

But pay raises for teachers and state employees wouldn’t happen, he said. The governor added that he was confident the budget differences would be resolved and would include the raises, as promised. He said he has been talking with House and Senate leaders over the past week.

We bet they're still chuckling about this one over on Jones Street. What actually will happen, of course, if budget negotiators don't agree by next week, is that they'll extend the session and keep "negotiating" until Tillis or Berger or Apodaca or Dollar or Lewis or Brown finally wears out everyone else and gets them to capitulate, at which time they will all tell Pat to sign the budget.

The last thing that Tillisberger would do is to let Pat make budget decisions.

As an encore, Pat amused the legislators with his whining about how they're infringing on his rights.

Gov. Pat McCrory said Monday that he is uneasy with a number of the commissions the General Assembly has created that give him limited authority to appoint members and perhaps are too far-reaching.

That gripe came up in response to a question about the coal ash bill that came out of the Senate. McCrory said he likes the proposal except for a provision that creates an oversight commission mostly appointed by the legislature.

The governor said he had constitutional separation of powers and philosophical problems with that, in addition to other commissions cropping up from the legislature that might exeed their authority.

Welcome to North Carolina Pat! The NCGA has been exceeding their authority to usurp the rights of the people for awhile now. We're not surprised you hadn't noticed. The guffaws from Jones Street about how they're screwing everyone over include you too.

Just remember, Pat, you're the hired pen. Your job is to sign the bills that Tillisberger tell you to sign. And don't try the "veto" gambit -- everyone knows any veto will be overridden, and if you make the legislators come back to town after the short session is over to override your veto, they will be REALLY pissed. And they'll shorten your leash considerably.

The legislators mostly don't mind your posturing, puffing yourself up and pretending you matter -- as long as you do what you're told and sign what you're told to sign. But they're concerned that you're deluded into actually believing that crap.

They're laughing now, but don't try anything stupid, because they won't find it funny.


Oh yeah?

Maybe Pat will just show them!

The final bill, which cleared the legislature last week, gives [McCrory] the authority to appoint all three but they must be approved by the legislature, and must be done in a timely manner.

The governor wouldn’t say whether he would sign that bill or not.

You'll sign what you're told to sign, Pat, or you'll be sent to your room with no supper. And if this impudence continues, maybe you need to lose your allowance and be grounded.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Talk about leading from behind...


"Let's not be too rough on our own ignorance; it's what makes America great!" - Frank Zappa (6/29/1988)