Hairdresser Joe: Victim of dirty tricks, or lying liar? You decide.

Late Tuesday night, The Southern Pines Pilot ran a story in which Joe Boylan called the rumors of his wild exploits baseless. The hard copy of the paper hit the stands on Wednesday. By Thursday, Joe had to issue retractions to two of his statements. Misrepresentations? Or Lies? Hmmm.....

According to this new story on from the Sunday Edition of The Pilot, Boylan emailed the Pilot on Thursday - a day after the original story ran, to retract several statements he made, and apologized for putting words in the mouths of Rep. Tricia Cotham(D)of Mecklenburg, and House Minority Leader Skip Stam. In other words - he made the stuff up. Hairdresser Joe isn't originally from Moore County. He might be surprised to learn that around here, we call that lying.

Here is what he said in the article on 7/17:

"There's nothing behind it," Boylan said in an interview late Tuesday. "She (Cotham) has denied that anything happened. She strongly resents being used as a tool in Republican infighting."

Here is what he says now:

"I have also apologized for speaking on behalf of the female legislator involved in these allegations. She did not make the statements I attributed to her." emphasis mine --LC

Also on 7/17, Boylan told the Pilot that

the "representative in question" told House Republican Leader "Skip" Stam of Wake County this week that the allegation was untrue and that she would not file a formal complaint. He said that message was relayed to the House GOP caucus.

But now Boylan says:

"Due to the frustration of suffering endless personal attacks from people who would like to rewrite the 2006 primary election (in which Boylan defeated former state Rep. Richard Morgan), I attributed comments to Republican Minority Leader Skip Stam that he did not make," Boylan wrote in an e-mail to The Pilot Thursday night. "I regret this and have apologized. What he did say was, 'The representative has handled the situation, that she has not and did not intend to file an ethics complaint and that she did not appreciate being used as a foil in Republican factional infighting." emphasis mine -- LC

Boylan has clearly got some problems playing fast and loose with the truth here, and trying to cover himself. I'm not saying something happened or something didn't happen -- I wasn't there. If Tricia Cotham ever cares to stop by and let us know what happened, I sure would appreciate it.

I can tell you this -- attributing statements to individuals that they didn't make is downright lying. Doing this at any time is a bad thing. Lying on the record, to the managing editor, of the local newspaper: in my book, that's just downright stupid.

But wait - this gets even better.

Hairdresser Joe says it didn't happen. Tricia Cotham isn't talking. The NC Conservative has since pulled it's "Republicans Gone Wild????" story (cached version available here - note, our very own Anglico is mentioned! Go on, A - reach across that aisle!)

But not everyone is staying quiet. Rep. Debbie Clary maintains that this happened.

State Rep. Debbie Clary has accused fellow Republican Rep. Joe Boylan of lying when he said "nothing happened" between him and a female state representative.

Clary, saying she was "breaking silence" among fellow Republicans, also said that the House GOP caucus had told Boylan, a Pinehurst businessman, to apologize to the woman for his behavior and that he had done so. (...)Clary, who is from Cleveland County, said she informed Stam on Thursday that she was "breaking silence" among the members of the GOP caucus and would speak publicly about the matter.

She became outraged after reading Boylan's comments on The Pilot's Web site,, and then receiving what she termed "hate mail" from one of Boylan's supporters, Ed Kennedy of Pinehurst, accusing her of spreading rumors about Boylan because she was a close ally of Morgan.

"He (Boylan) lied and then dragged me into it," Clary said in an interview Thursday in her legislative office. "They said I started these vicious rumors and fed this to the North Carolina Conservative. I have done nothing in this entire process. I had kept my mouth shut, but I will not be threatened by anyone in Joe Boylan's camp.

Ed Kennedy, a prominent - well, at least a vocal - Moore County Republican claims that he has gotten to the bottom of this, and that it's not the fault of Richard Morgan, as they all previously suspected. Oh no.

Kennedy said it appeared to him that "the Democrats got ahold of her (Cotham) and told her not to bail out Joe Boylan and let the Republicans fight among themselves and tear themselves to shreds."

Yup. It was the Democrats. There you have it. Democrats made him feel up female legislators, made him lie about it, and now look what has happened! Now controversy is swirling all around him! It's a wonder he can get anything done at all.

Oh, wait. He hasn't, has he?


Thanks for posting this.

I was hoping someone would do it so I wouldn't have to. The only point I'll add is this: Art Pope is the man single-handedly put this lyin' sack-o-shat in the General Assembly.

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The Republican Hell Fire Club meets on Saturdays?

After 1 week of Republican State sexual war games. David Almond, Brother Privetti, and Hairdresser " feel good" Joe, nobody can be making this sick crap up! I wonder what Art is going to do, when he finds out that Sponge Bob is a flaming Queen as Rudy....

Even though I'm not (R)

I resent the outside money coming into Moore County - especially since this is what we end up with. Boylan has not accomplished anything worthwhile in his time in the legislature. He has introduced bill after bill against forced annexation, because of one local situation, and one campaign promise he made.

This is a man who said that the first social issue he would take on when he was elected was gay marriage! His entire campaign was one long right-wing talking point. He was elected because he had a money-machine behind him. And that's wrong. Yet another reason we need to work for limits on campaign spending and/or publically financed campaigns.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Good Analysis Lcloud!

Looks like this info sent to me by a very good friend (wink, wink) hasn't been used yet, but it should also be known:

Joe Boylan received $2000 campaign donation from the North Carolina Association of Realtors in December 2006. As you know, the Realtors Assn has been actively engaged in a campaign to prevent NC voters from having a chance to decide for themselves whether or not their county will exercise a land transfer tax option.

Boylan also received a total of $750 from the NC HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION-BUILD POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE, 10/2006 and 12/2006. This group is also opposed to the land transfer tax option.

Boylan got a $2,000 contribution 10/12/06 from Robert Ferris listed in campaign reports as "Retired". Not only is Ferris not retired, he runs
several businesses, notably SFL+A Architects and FirstFloor, Inc. (and a
number of other corporations with the FirstFloor name)

Joe Boylan's wife Linda works for Robert Ferris . (Or at least she did. As I said, I don't know if she still works there. The page I linked to is a cached image from Google; it was current on Jul 6, 2007) She is an architect at
SFL+A working on schools. FirstFloor is a related business set up to do
design/build and leasing of public facilities in a process called
"Public-Private Partnerships". Ferris was very involved in the lobbying
that took place to create legislation to allow PPP's for schools.

If I recall correctly, during the campaign, Mr. Boylan spoke a bit about PPP's and using them to deal with the growth that Moore County is facing. I may be wrong. Perhaps a search of your archives would turn something up.

As an elected official representing Moore County, Joe Boylan can vote however his conscience dictates. But his constituents, those who agree with him, and those who disagree, deserve to know what may or may not be influencing his vote. We need as much transparency in government as we can.

Too bad for Moore County....we loose Morgan who at least brought home the...ahem....bacon. We don't even get a stinkin' tee-shirt, just the Hairdresser who only represents Pinewild!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Joe Boylan's wife Linda

can't be too happy about being married to a guy who can be bought for a few grand.

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Linda Boylan

is a very nice woman. I met her several times during the campaign. I'm sorry she's having to deal with this. Daughter Jessica is a classmate of my son's. She's just a kid. She's sweet, too. For their sake, Joe ought to just resign, and be done with it.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

It'll be interestin to see the parallels

Stam leaned on David Almond to resign immediately after the guy was accused of exposing himself to a woman in his office. Stam has tried to keep the details covered-up because of the potential for embarrassing his party.

Now we have another representative who has not only been accused of groping (i.e., sexual harassment), but has also been caught lying as he tried to cover his ass.

Where do you draw the line, Mr. Stam?

Showing your private parts to an administrative assistant = immediate pressure to resign

Sexual harassment and lying to cover up = business as usual

Sounds like the hairdresser needs to check himself in the Rehab Center for Pathetic Liars, thought I'll bet you dollars to donuts he'll be claiming he has a drinking problem that clouded his judgment.

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But wait - there's more!

One of the good things that happened recently for Moore County is that we became our own prosecutorial district, with our very own district attorney. Not so good for Joe Boylan, though.


The District Attorney’s office in Moore County is investigating a complaint alleging voter fraud by two employees of the Joe Boylan for NC House campaign / Stewart Group. The Moore County Board of Elections verified today that an investigator from the District Attorney’s office has requested documentation regarding the residency and voting history of Kristen Reitler and Elizabeth Powell.

Reitler and Powell registered to vote in an apartment paid for by the Boylan campaign, where they resided only for the duration of the campaign. Under North Carolina law it is a felony for one to register to vote, and vote, in a district in which they reside “for temporary purposes only”. NC law also precludes, “any person Fraudulently to cause his name to be placed upon the registration books… or to cause or procure his name or that of any other person… when such registration in that precinct does not qualify such person to vote legally therein…” 163-275 (1). If sufficient evidence is found for the DA to bring charges, will Rep. Boylan be implicated?

This mirrors an investigation by the Moore (sic) County District Attorney into the McHenry for Congress campaign, also run by Dee Stewart of the Stewart Group. In Gaston County, four campaign workers registered to vote, and voted, using McHenry’s Cherryville residence. One of the campaign workers, Michael Aaron Lay, has been indicted by a grand jury, and his arraignment has been continued until August.

Several Republicans, and the Democratic Party of NC, have called for a wider investigation. This could call into question every campaign for which the Stewart Group has consulted.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

When it rains . . .

Poor Joe, can't catch a break no-how no-way. As you said earlier, he should just go ahead and resign.

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Why is it

that Republicans cry so much about voter fraud, but that the only proven cases of voter fraud happened to benefit Rebublican candidates? Guilty conscience?

This is the reason Republicans don't like the internet,

It's too easy for too many to see what's going on. Claiming it's the fault of YouTube and when we the people make our voices heard seems to indicate how they believe govenment should continue to secret and with bathroom deals.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Great piece, lcloud.

We aren't getting this in the Char-O, which surprises me. Very nice to get the updates.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

So much for all the papers being one entity.

I guess that is only the case when it suits them.
One of the pitfalls of childhood is that one doesn't have to understand something to feel it. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I've only seen it in The Pilot.

And they are a locally owned, independent newspaper. Which, in my opinion, is what makes them a decent news source. I can pick up the phone, if I want to, and talk directly to the editor, who answers his own phone. Try that in Charlotte or Raleigh. :)