Has the DSCC written off the Marshall campaign?

I just received this via e-mail:

National Republicans just launched their opening media attack, reserving more than $2.7 million in air time against Barbara Boxer, Patty Murray and Russ Feingold.

Our figures show that we can't win with this huge map unless we reach our grassroots donor goals. Missing goals means not competing in states where we have a fighting chance.

I mentioned the other day that I hadn't seen the DSCC mention one word about Elaine Marshall, and I still haven't. And I want some answers.

While perusing the DSCC's website, I came across this map, which appears to designate NC as a "targeted race in 2010", but if you click the "recent videos" tab, you'll see that no videos have been produced for our state.

And if you click on North Carolina and expand the "2010 race details", it talks about Kay beating Dole, talks about Richard Burr some, then at the bottom it has this:

Democrats chose Secretary of State Elaine Marshall as their nominee. Marshall is a proven reformer who has taken on special interests in her state and will be a strong challenger for Burr in November

Not if she doesn't get some help from you, and soon.

I asked this on another diary, and I'm asking it again: what is the status of the relationship between the Marshall campaign and the DSCC? Has either been approached by the other? If so, what was the result?



It's a growing relationship, buy we're talking and working together.

Peep their twitter feed

They talk about us all the time for example:

They're committed to retiring Senator Burr.

I'm pretty sure that's illegal

in this part of the bible belt, Mike. Even if you're married... :)


Peep their twitter feed, ha. Well don't be afraid to give them a nudge now and again, because you'll be needing ad money and lots of it pretty soon here.

Vice President Biden did help

with a fund raiser for Elaine Marshall for Senate here in Chapel Hill, so at least there is some national attention.

And with Charlotte making it into the final 4 for the 2012 convention, you'd hope they are taking NC seriously.

Hopefully they'll get more engaged though.

DSCC and relations in NC

Does anyone know the real back story to why they were pushing so hard for Cal? A nice enough candidate but why were they so sure he could win and were not so interested in letting the voters choose? At first I thought they wanted to get an early start against Burr, but then with a 2nd primary, they actually hurt our state's chances of beating Burr. By delaying the start of the Beat Burr campaign.

I am no political savvy campaign manager, but it does seem like they have done some harm to us by that second primary.


To contemplate the DSCC's motives is folly

The DSCC fails in its most basic mission by not even recruiting a candidate to run in South Dakota AT ALL, simply handing the GOP a Senate seat in one of the cheapest media markets in the country.

These incompetent campaign managers do not deserve your time, money, or the courtesy of listening to their advice.