HB2 Proponent Rep. Mark Walker uses Greensboro vigil as political event

Walker called Bruce Springsteen a "bully" for canceling concerts in NC over HB2 in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Here's what one person saw at the vigil in Greensboro for the victims of the Orlando tragedy last night.

I can't identify what I was looking to get at the vigil for the victims in Orlando, but I know I didn't get it. I sat there quietly for awhile, simply being there. It's what felt right.
Then Mark Walker* chose to interrupt my quiet, shake my hand, introduce himself as a congresscritter, and then offer platitudes.

For any politician to be working a crowd at a vigil for victims of anything is beyond reproach. To be part of a group (Republicans in this case) that is so very badly treating the people of the victims' community... Un-fucking-believable. You, Representative Mark Walker, should be ashamed. Working your way along the steps full of seated people, shaking hands and introducing yourself as a politician, and then rattling off a rote spiel about your condolences. I had no clue who you were - none. I brushed it off until folks a few feet away challenged you and why you were there. Your politician's answer was utter bullshit. I looked you up, learned enough about you, and the bile rose.

Then you addressed the crowd. It was perfectly fine for you to be there, but you should have been respectful and kept your mouth shut. You should not have been working the crowd. You should not have addressed us from the dais. You should be ashamed of your actions.

Walker's statement on his Facebook page made only a back-handed comment about the victims, implying that, even if they're sinful, they're deserving of sympathy - a not so subtle way to gay-bash while appearing to offer condolences.

Our hearts and prayers are with the families, friends and the dozens injured in this horrific terrorist attack. ISIS has officially claimed responsibility in the most deadly mass shooting in our country’s history.

Once again, we see the determination of radical Islamists, consumed with their hatred for American ideals and our belief that all men are created equal.
The raging debate is whether the attack is an act of terrorism or one driven by hate. Isn’t the answer both? As Americans, I would hope our sympathy for the victims is no less because of the location of the massacre.

The liberties I cherish should be available for all Americans regardless of any political affiliations or sexual orientation. ISIS is a makeup of perverted Islamic radicals that are hate-driven and soulless in their quest to spread terror and hate.

I call on the President to show strength and courage to the entire world against this intentional and global threat to destroy America.