Healthcare is Bad, and other GOP slogans

Below are some photos I took today of Republicans greeting President Obama as he came to Raleigh to talk about health care.

While there were plenty of health care supporters outside, and many more inside, I mostly took photos of the anti-healthcare peoples because they were more, well shall we say "interesting." Also the police separated supporters from the anti-everything people, and I got stuck on the no side.

It's like they are drawing a subtle connection between America's President and America's greatest enemy... If only bin Laden was a communist the GOP attack plan would be complete.

Can you fraking believe this shit? Obama's health care plan might help people of color! Like it's not bad enough that our President crossed out life, liberty, and happiness and replaced them with evil things, now he's trying to cut minorities a break to boot.

Simple enough. See how she didn't need to go all conspiracy-racist-AynRand-babykiller-Marx-teabag-freakout? Good job lady.

This poor woman lives directly across from Broughton High. The tea bag people kicked her sign down, so she was out there with her puppy protecting it. The puppy wasn't intimidating enough in my opinion; he couldn't even manage to stay in the shot.

He refused to sell it to me. Looks like some of the elite in this world really are going Galt.

I thought this NCGOP activist and Planned Parenthood woman were having a cordial conversation about reproductive rights, but then I head the pro-life woman say, very civil, "I'm happy to discuss the facts with you if by facts you mean murder." Take that Planned Parenthood person: facts = murder = checkmate.

I thought yall were the ones who wanted chaos? Jerk.

The NCGOP platform in triptych. The third sign attacked the First Lady.

See that you spoiled kids! All of Santa's toys get redistributed to children so he doesn't have any health care for himself. But he's not looking for a hand-out, is he?

Done. How much you want to bet it's about how ACORN is evil?

The sad thing was, as you can see from two of the photos above, a number of the the GOP activists had signs talking about how they themselves lack health care. What are they going to do if they get sick? I mean, besides not ask for help.


Nice pictures.

The one with the dolls in striped outfits is kinda interesting.

I simply don't understand these people that don't have health care and are opposed to this.


I wonder if it is some kind of code? Like the letter "R" was secretly born in Egypt and therefore must not be capitalized.

Great post


That guy in blue with the cane

Let's say he keels over with a heart attack right there. Does he want us to just let his body rot where it falls? Let him die on that spot. What if his dying, lying there, were to take a day or two? What would he have us do? Stand aside and watch the turkey buzzards rip him apart?

Let's say he didn't give a damn about what we would do or not do.

We'd still have to clean up whatever the buzzards didn't eat.

We are each part cost to everyone else.

Alarming Photo's

Thank you for sharing the photo's. I found the photo's, the sayings on the signs, and the folks holding them to be disturbing to say the least. The ignorance, racism, fear of change, and propaganda coming from these people is just outragious. I was on WRAL, watching the video and chatting about it. There were quite a few supporters but there were also folks that were there just to slam him and spread the lies. I tried to address as many as I could but I know it didn't make a difference. The latest thing, as you can see on today's story on WRAL @ , is now the Republicans say that there is nothing wrong with our Health Care System. Someone on the WRAL chat said the same thing. I told them to go tell that to the 137 thousand people that died from 2000-2006 due to lack of health insurance and their families and the 18K to 22K people that have died every year since then and the close to 50 million uninsured. They just kept repeating the mantra.

I will never understand how people can ignore the truth and believe the lies to the point where they create signs and protest as is shown in the photo's.

If the R party has done nothing else lately

they have gotten really good at getting the ignorant and the lazy to vote against themselves and being proud of it. Remember that commercial a few years past of that elderly couple telling us that they don't want big government in their medicine cabinets. We all know what we got from keeping big guv out, unsafe and deadly medicine! Did that learn them? Hell No!

Poor people need more lobbyists.

WOW! That was some sleep last night. You know the kind of deep sleep where you wake up refreshed and full of energy. The kind of sleep where you wake up in a parallel universe. A universe where healthcare reform has become health insurance reform. Listening to the mass media machine, healthcare reform is dead in the water or that’s the impression you get. All the pundits have declared it.

Health Insurance Reform. That's the term used by the President yesterday in a message to supporters. My chin hit the floor.

How can there be healthcare reform without a public option? Well because 52% of Americans are happy with their current healthcare situation. 52% huh. I wonder if the poll ventured into any what ifs? For instance, “if you became gravely ill and had to sell your home…” What if?

Poor people don’t have enough lobbyists.


If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves, I could have freed thousands more.

Harriet Tubman (1822 – 1913)

Well said

You'd think that our elected representatives in Congress would take the needs of everyone into consideration in their deliberations. And you'd be wrong. The rich, the powerful, the corporate titans ... those are the interests that get special consideration. Poor people are nothing but a pain in the ass ... that's certainly true for our two Senators.

Heard Kent Conrad on NPR this morning

Sounded all proud of himself and his buddies in the new "Gang of 6" because actuaries have determined that cost containment under the Senate Finance Committee Health reform proposal may save up to 8% on current health insurance premiums.

well ... yeeeeehah!

Oh, thank you, kind Sirs. I'll phone up my healthy 22 yr old son and let him know that your reform plans are projected to knock about $20 a month off the $250/month BCBS insurance policy he laughed at a month ago. I'm sure that will make it affordable enough. And no doubt you'll be getting home baked cookies from the single parent with a couple kids who might save about $100 on the $1200/month policy she can't touch with a ten foot pole these days.

I just have to ask ... Is the methane rich atmosphere in the planet DC-Beltway-Bubble killing these people's brain cells?

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

I can't figure out

why large numbers of people consistently and actively vote against themselves and for the wealthy class. Is the power of media marketing that strong? The OWNERS must be laughing themselves silly--all the way to the bank.

Pardon the profanity in the above video, but that's just Mr Carlin being Mr Carlin.


There cannot fail to be more kinds of things, as nature grows further disclosed. - Sir Francis Bacon

It's All About The Money

I couldn't agree with you more, Leslie! BCBS quoted me $8000.00 per month, 50% Co-Pay, 1st yr exclusion of all pre-existing conditions back in 2005. I can't afford that at all. Our state's High Risk Insurance Pool is still 2 1/2 times the "normal rate" which would be about $1500.00 per month plus Co-Pays, I can't afford that either. The proposals coming from the Republicans will do absolutely nothing to assist the close to 50 million uninsured individuals, make insurance more affordable, or stop the practice of discrimination. It's all about the money for them, as long as their stock dividends with private insurance companies or their perks distributed by insurance companies don't suffer then they are happy. They have absolutely no idea what the poor and middle class go through or how much money we really have to spend on anything but housing, food, and utilities.

We need true representation in our government by individuals that know what personal sacrifice and suffering really is and what it means to have to choose between paying a bill or eating. The President knows about personal suffering but very few of our other elected officials have a clue.

If it didn't take millions to run for office then we could have true representation. They need to take politics out of the Health Care Reform issue and start working for the average American citizen.


They need to take politics out of the Health Care Reform issue and start working for the average American citizen.

We need to take the money out of the Politics issue first.

It is so bizarre that the people that need health care reform

the most are those that don't seem to be checking the facts and understanding that maybe, just once, Limpbaugh was wrong and they are working against their own betterment.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

The Right is definitely better

at using scare tactics.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

This just stolen from dailykos

Rep weiner in NY has great common sense lines

if anyone OVER 65 gets medicare why cant I???!!!

by surfdog


I am 47 years old. If everyone over 65 gets to go sign up for Medicare just because they turn 65, why can't I sign up for Medicare if I lose my job & my insurance?


"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."