[Excerpted from BackwardNC]

The right-wing nutjobs love to preach their rationalizations for the horrible laws they enact, and the two things they seem to cite most are the Bible and the Constitution.

Other than being able to quote, skew and spin the Second Amendment, it turns out that they don't have much respect for, or knowledge of, the Constitution.

And now they've been exposed as non-Christian, anti-Bible heathens. That's right, Christian Churches representing millions of North Carolinians have joined to support Moral Mondays and chastise the NCGA extremists.

This must cause much hand-wringing among the extremist kooks, because they thump their Bibles to justify [much of what they do]. Heck, Crazy Carl Ford and Half-Wit Harry Warren even tried to nullify the US Constitution and establish a state religion in North Carolina.

They just weren't planning to practice actual Christianity -- you know, the kind that is based on Bible verses such as:

“As you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me." -- Matthew 25:4

Despite their Tea Party rhetoric, it's now abundantly clear that they're anti-American, hypocritical heathens.

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