Help Save our food supply and small farms

Once again OUR Government, in it's headlong rush to serve large corporations under the guise of doing something matter the cost or getting ready to make it more difficult and more expensive for small farms to stay in business...

If you want a sustainable food supply, and you want your local dairy and others to stay in business....PLEASE GO HERE and read more and then VOTE to make sure this comes to Obama's attention.



That is out there

that someone wants to track live stock at that level. I have not studied or read anything on NAIS except what is in that link. I did not read all the entries.

I can speculate that big conglomerates would get a "free pass" because they are tracking or maintaining their animals better then a small guy... That arguement is so much hogwash. When those conglomos get a problem with only 1 tracking number for 100s or 1000s of animals, the problem cannot be tracked.

To say they want to track the little guy who is selling locally is even dumber. When I buy my half of cow from the guy down the street, everyone knows where I got the beef from, no Wendy's commercial here, I know where the beef is! Tracking that cow is stupid.

Me thinks this stems from mad cow disease and other ebola style scares. While valid concerns, tracking the little guys cows is not going to stop it.

From that article only do I base this statement. Stop the government bureaucracy. Government, the small farmer has enough to worry about, such as will the farm be viable next year for you to be taxing him on each head of livestock. This is a glorified secret tax based on a scare tactic.

When you track every cow, then you can say this is a valid need. HUMMM, sounds a bit familiar with my other favorite topic, but aint going there,,,,,, MMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

After reading this article.....

I find myself questioning the analysis. Like how can the USDA control and regulate the small farmers who don't do business on an interstate basis? Seems like the gov't would easily lose a lawsuit, but I'm not a legal expert. Maybe the rules are for those in the exportation of meat to foreign countries? We have has some problems with tainted meat going to Japan and some others. But, I do agree that these big ag companies are the real enemy when it comes to our safe food supply.

I've never had a problem with contamination of food

that I've purchased from a local farmer - say at the farmer's market or roadside stand. I've recently found someone to purchase meat from, which makes me happy. We don't eat that much meat anymore, but it's nice to buy from someone local.