Help urgently needed: Can you write a bill?

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The folks at NO OLF are energized by all the new conversations taking place, and are ready for the fight ahead. One specific action they want to take is to get legislation through the General Assembly in the form of a resolution that would call on the Navy to drop Site C from their considered set. The legislators they've talked with need a draft bill.

If you or someone you know is familiar with the protocol here, would you please help us out? Here are the essential ingredients:

Protecting Family Farms and the Environment

WHEREAS the United States Navy is seeking to locate an outlying landing field in Washington County (Site C),

AND WHEREAS the United States Navy was found to have misrepresented the facts and reverse-engineered its Environmental Impact Statement to make it appear that Site C was an ideal choice,

AND WHEREAS United States Air Force experts in bird strike analysis have reported that Site C is not a suitable location for the Navy's training needs,

AND WHEREAS the US Government has placed a gag order on US Fish and Wildlife experts from telling the truth about the threats the landing field would create on the environment,

AND WHEREAS Site C is located adjacent to a National Wildlife Refuge that serves as a wintering location for 80,000 tundra swans and snow geese,

AND WHEREAS a landing field at Site C would destroy hundreds of North Carolina family farms,

AND WHEREAS there are many alternative sites, some already owned by the military, that are more suitable for the Navy's training needs,

AND WHEREAS a landing field on Site C would remove 33,000 acres of farmland from the property tax roles in one of North Carolina's poorest counties,

AND WHEREAS a landing field would stimulate virtually no economic development, but would rather make Washington County less attractive for homebuyers and businesses,

BE IT NOW THEREFORE RESOLVED that the North Carolina General Assembly calls on the United States Navy to eliminate Site C from further consideration as an outlying landing field,

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the North Carolina General Assembly calls on North Carolina's US Congressional delegation to direct the United States Navy to eliminate Site C from further consideration,

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that North Carolina General Assembly calls on the US House of Representatives to eliminate any and all funding for the United States Navy to pursue the acquisition of land and any other investments related to Site C.



Please, please help us get this into proper form so it can be shared with representatives in the NC House and Senate immediately. Thanks.


An email from Jennifer, who is having trouble logging in today

This was printed in the Washington Daily News 1/9/07:

Reached for a response Monday afternoon, Navy spokesman Ted Brown said it was "not appropriate" to comment on NO OLF's release. "I won't comment on that press release or any other one," he said.

The No-OLF represents millions of hard working decent Americans who have been working relentlessly to protect all that is still good in our nation and the statement above is another example of being ignored and gagged by our government.

The Navy said in court they are controlled by Congress. So who is actually placing the gag over our mouths?

People of America, wake up to this issue.
We are fighting to protect our:
Property Rights
Civil Rights
Prime farmland
Pristine environment
Environmental Justice
Unfettered wildlife
And a region of North Carolina that contains many magnificent rural communities that have been established before the birth of our nation.

This issue is a prime example of the destruction of our freedoms by our military in order to prove they have complete control over the citizens of the United States of America. This is especially egregious as there are rational solutions to this issue.

It needs

to be a little more detailed with the facts up top and a little less angry at the Navy. Has to be without emotion.

let me do some thinking.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"


do some writing too?


you gotta stand in line

i need to write a few pages for class today too.

Doing some looking, the bill needs to be set up with the assumption that no one has any background information. so it needs to be a short, say 5 to 10 sentence, recap of all the pertinent details surrounding the site. It should make a case, but it needs to be short and sweet and assume the reader has no prior knowledge.

Think of it this way. US House members like Heath and McHenry know nothing about this. Why would the representatives and senators who represent 1/5th of their district or less need to know something about it?

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

drafting legislation

By far, your best bet is to have one or more legislators who support this contact a staffer in legislative drafting or research and ask them to draft the bill. The member can ask the staffer to consult with you on the details. Eventually the legislative staff has to get involved with it anyway, and nothing will happen until this step occurs, anyway, no matter how much inspiration and sweat someone outside the GA puts into a draft. You gotta have a bill sponsor (the member) and the most important thing is probably getting a good one.