Holding ... on for dear life

When you're a professional politician at risk of losing your free ride, you can get kind of testy. That's the case with George Holding, who has been slopping at the public trough for much of his lethargic life. Linda Coleman is giving him a run for his money in NC's 2nd Congressional District, and old George can't quite figure out how to fight back.

George's instinct, of course, is to tie his hopes to the lying Piece Of Crap of the US, an instinct that will definitely help him among amoral Deplorables. These people are happy to see America devolve into a third world country, the sooner the better. Murder, extortion, and bribery? They're all good if they help POCUS fan the fires of bigotry and hate.

Another Holding ploy is to take credit for saving the poor and huddling masses. He's been all over social media claiming concern for victims of Florence and Michael. Too bad that he has consistently voted against hurricane relief across all his years on Congress.

NC Republicans could all be poster children for the rich, white men who are treating our country like their own personal frat house. It's long past time to get rid of these jerks. Especially Sleepin' George.

Vote for Linda Coleman.