Homosexual demons running wild in North Carolina

Who knew god was such a bigot?

Five members of a controversial North Carolina church were indicted this week on charges that they kidnapped and assaulted a fellow member because he had been possessed by “homosexual demons.” On Monday, a Rutherford County grand jury indicted Sarah Covington Anderson, Adam Christopher Bartley, Brooke McFadden Covington, Justin Brock Covington and Robert Louis Walker Jr. on charges of second degree kidnapping and simple assault. Anderson was also charged with assault by strangulation.



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What made me even more angry is that his family not only still attends the church responsible, but his mother and brother apparently testified in the grand jury against the victim (her son, his brother) in support of said church's kidnapping and assault.

In my mind, that qualifies this church as a cult, and it should be investigated by the Department of Justice as such. I'm sure the "Family Policy Council" would disagree, which makes them hypocrites on a scale that can't be measured.

Even more frustrating:

From the OP:

The church also operates an unaccredited private school, which was due to receive state funding under North Carolina’s new private school voucher program. The program has been ruled unconstitutional by a state appeals court and is awaiting a hearing at the North Carolina Supreme Court.

State-subsidized and -sanctioned gang violence. How very special of North Carolina.

The Good News Is!

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